What life looks like these days

PicMonkey Collage11 2014-01-12 13.08.58 PicMonkey Collage12Transitions between cool and cold days | Blue is the only color I can see this January | Jordan Lake is lovely | Friends from far away places and places not too far | Nights are good | Work from the bed | Sometimes I wear hats | Hurt foot | CH // Carrboro life

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The weekend





|Three beaches | Fab homemade food | Loud midnight rain and a run | Playing in the ocean//pretending we were from the sea | Avoiding work for a day | Jordan ran long and far | Ate at a dining hall in Wilmington | Podcast-narrated driving |

That was this weekend, but now it’s back to another school week. I’m confident it should be a good one for the most part too. Today’s day involved some hot yoga, hw, time in the grass and in the sun, roller blades, class, photos, giving haircuts, making butter chicken, a walk, and even some sacred time at a garden.

[Photos: Emerald Isle beach with Jord + the trusty, though sandy, AE-1//Grace Farson]

No strangers

“. . .There are no strangers. There are only versions of ourselves, many of which we have not embraced, most of which we wish to protect ourselves from. For the stranger is not foreign, she is random, not alien, but remembered; and it is the randomness of the encounter with our already known–although unacknowledged–selves that summons a ripple of alarm. That makes us reject the figure and the emotions it provokes–especially when these emotions are profound. It is also what makes us want to own, govern, administrate the Other. To romance her, if we can, back to our own mirrors. In either instance (of alarm of false reverence), we deny her personhood, the specific individuality we insist upon ourselves.”

– Toni Morrison, Intro. to Bergman, A Kind of Rapture, 1998

The art of moving


I haven’t quite mastered the art of moving. I leave and go back to Carrboro life today. The car is somewhat packed and I honestly believe it is the worst packing job I have ever done in my life.

I’m just fed up with packing, with moving, and with going. I know within a week of being settled again, I will want to go all over again, but for now, I’m really excited to stay put for a bit. . .

[Photo: Abandoned place in Chapel Hill//Grace Farson]