Jennifer | Davidson, NC

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The other week, I met up with Jennifer to walk around historic Beaver Dam, Davidson College’s campus, and a lovely farm in Davidson. I’ve known Jennifer since she was just a toddler and it is crazy that she’s now graduating high school and preparing for her next four years at NC State.

Jennifer is gorgeous and so fun to take photos of! I keep trying to convince her that she should seriously consider modeling.

What I loved seeing most was Jennifer interact with Bournie and all the other animals on the farm. She’s so impressively comfortable and calm around them and they all seem to love her fully.

Family photos are hard | Davidson, NC

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Family photos are hard on all of us!

Yesterday, I got to catch up with the Anderson family and take a few photos. I had to laugh because certain days are really are hard photo days! I love these kids. They’re so fun and funny.  From jumping, to headlocks, to funny sayings –> these three do it all!

In looking over these, I realized my own family still has a really hard time with family photos!

More adorable Anderson family photos coming soon! (*Poor Hutton didn’t cry in all of them)

Lauren | Davidson, NC

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Yesterday, I met up with Lauren in my own hometown of Davidson.

Lauren has sent away all of her college applications and is waiting to hear back from a lot of excellent options. She spends her days working as a barista in a coffee shop, in class, and playing music.

The camera positively loves Lauren and I honestly found it hard to take a bad picture of her.

Big things are heading her way and I look forward to seeing where life takes her!