No Stopping Me

“The devil works off of idle minds and idle minds are his workshop. So therefore, I try to keep mine idled-up. That’s the reason I have so many hobbies and so many little jobs. It is because I have to stay busy.” – Kelly Wilkins

Back in May, I was involved in a documentary workshop in Eastern, NC.

Over the course of just one week, I worked on this piece and am happy to share it with you now!

In addition to this story, make sure you check out all the other videos on the workshop’s website here.



This weekend was a glorious mix of sitting in dark rooms and playing outside under the bright sun.

Full Frame documentary film festival consumed my Thurs-Sun activities and it was entirely worth it. I walked away from the weekend feeling so overwhelmingly inspired and ready to take on the great world of documentary work for the rest of my days!

These days, I’m focused on making plans for the summer and trying to finish the school semester with ease and care. I found this image from the Taj in Agra this morning and it seems fitting for how I feel under a rainy Monday sky and a day spent sitting in front of a big, silver computer.

Happy Monday, maybe, if you’re up for it, try something new!

On Names




A few days back, there was another bandha and all the schools were out. We ended up spending our day at a birthday party//coming of age party.

We were stuffed with dal and dahi (*a curd drink, that is never my favorite), painted with tikka, and asked to sing and dance until we were sore.

While at the party, we got on the subject of names. I was sad that after three trips to Nepal, I still did not have a Nepali name. Laxman, our friend//part-time guide around Letang, assigned us names and said mine from now on would be Batuli. Batuli, a name he translated to me as “cultural woman.”

It made me laugh and I heartily accepted it.

In Nepal and India, no one really gets me name or how to say it. It usually comes out something like “G-R-E-S” // “Grass” // or, if I’m really lucky, “Greese.”

In thinking through names, I remembered this (*an interview I did with my family members about names):

For now, I’m content with the names I have and the names I have been given.

All of them.

[Photos: A birthday/Coming of age celebration//Grace Farson]