cooking in le dorm

preparing a meal is far from glamorous in a dorm kitchen, although i am learning the tricks. last sunday, i spent most of my afternoon in the kitchen making sense of the food i had left over from the week before.

out of the few ingredients i had to choose from and the supplies, i created these two dishes:

***roasted sweet potatoes with ginger, almonds & dried cranberries***

wash, cut and cube sweet potatoes {i had three} in olive oil and my favorite salt . cut candied ginger, almonds, and dried cranberries into small pieces. mix together curry, oil oil and honey. mix all the ingredients together and drizzle the dressing over everything. *its sweet, salty and a bit spicy.

*** lentils with onions, garlic & red curry***

saute garlic and onion in pan. wash and cook lentils – cook in vegetable broth for more flavor. add sauted garlic and onions, salt, a little olive oil and curry powder at the end of cooking time. *simple, pure food is the best.

this week, i have turnips and salad greens {thanks to sprout!} to play around with. any ideas?

what i wore wednesday: week 6

this past wednesday = a busy day. didn’t try too hard to wear anything fun or fabulous. i wore a skirt/lungi from india and a white t-shirt during the day and ended up in this. {p.s. altheta yoga tops and solomon’s are the greatest}

yoga class wednesday night turned out to be enlightening. i learned that i’m truly sleep deprived.

*fell sound asleep during savasana and stayed asleep on my mat a good 5 minutes after class finished. yes, true story.

oh well. . . hope you’re having a happy saturday!

p.s. today has been amazing. . . plus it actually felt and looked a bit like fall.

what i wore wednesday: week 3

what i wore wednesday + friend loving. . .

my darling dana sent this this morning:

“Here’s to LIVING a full and inspiring Wednesday. I love you and miss
you like crazy. You’re one of the few people I know who I feel truly
LIVES their life. You do it each and everyday simply by being your
incredible self. Allow yourself to appreciate ALL that you do and ALL
that you are. Because you are one of the ones that inspires me to

So much love and hopefully sunshine in Chapel Hill.”

– d.

+ she’s the best. d can encourage me like no one else in this big world. i often wonder why burlington, vt can’t be just a short walk away from chapel hill . . . in a perfect world it would be.

+ this is old news now {don’t know where i was when this came out}, but gizzy shared birdy’s skinny love cover yesterday and now i have the need to hear it every second i am on my computer. have had this bizarre but serious obsession with a handful of songs these past two weeks. {*to the point everyone is getting fed up with me listening to the same few songs over and over and over again}

+ my dear friend jessica hedrick is the coolest yoga teacher and massage therapist ever. there’s no one else like her in the world. she recently followed her heart and left her home in savannah to move to asheville and open white sage massage therapy & yoga. i cannot wait to visit next time i’m in a-ville! i miss her and the lunch dates we used to have during ayc yoga training.

+ i got to paint something tonight {*last image. it was a short painting session, but i am just so excited i found an open studio where i can go and relax and do what my heart desires}

+ today was a better day that yesterday. i really enjoyed my first day at my new job!

until next time.  . .

the giz alphabet

ambition:to be a piece of art

bad habit: neat freak habit {*note: she is living with me this year. we just had to submit our housing/roommate agreement form yesterday and laughed about that one}

city: chapel hill, n.c.

drink: lemonade

education: currently a student at unc – chapel hill

food: chocolate & bread

guilty pleasure: mushy music. gossip girl. “friday”

hometown: asheville {dublin & london count too!}

ice cream: anything chocolate

jonesing for: real food

kryptonite: sawyer

look-a-like: natalie portman

movies: “the royal tenenbaums”. “(500) days of summer”. “singing in the rain“.

nicknames: giz. sweetheart. betty. gizzy. friday. g. e.

obsession: movies. texting. clothing. chocolate. houses. emma watson. purple.

perfume: anything good

quirk: messing with her left earring when she thinks

regrets: junior year

starbucks: black americano

talents: pretending. cleaning. baking.

university: unc – chapel hill {studying drama & communications}

vacation: seattle

wine: white

x: x her need for people

years: eighteen

zen: rain. curling up in a ball. loud music. sisters. smoke. yummy smells

{* p.s. g’s portrait & my post “irene” was recently re-posted over at toemail! also, i am currently hiding with hundreds of other unc students in the basement of the student union. a freak tornado just hit chapel hill. . . so if i don’t have the chance to post another post ever again, know that i lived a good life [listening to this & dreaming of him]! strange how week 1 back to school = earthquake. week 2 = hurricane. and now week 3 = tornado. starting off well. . . also, if you are interested in contributing to my collection of alphabets inspired by my sister abby, please send me a few photos and your responses. . . also, stay tuned for my suite-mate aditi’s alphabet!}