Best of all things are the lights in the sky

but what I am seeking is sleep.

Or not sleep exactly,

because of the dreams and the damage they do,

but places to sleep, on the ground,

in the middles of cities that are strange to me:

cots that cost nothing, whatever the slant,

spots that are mine at nightfall,

favorable places the size of my body,

where grass grows out of the brickwork,

under the stars or the lights of the tunnels.

– Thomas Frick

Notes from a sick bed


Woke up this morning feeling ill. Really, ill.

It started yesterday with the same symptoms I experienced last time. . . *the last time when I wound up in the hospital.

Thankfully, it’s nothing serious, yet and I’m still able to manage life here.

I forget the kind of sick that exists here. Kathmandu, no matter how much I love you back, you always win. I will always be defeated by you and your power over me.

That said, nothing, honestly nothing can or will change the way I feel about this place. Nothing at all. Ever.

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling mildly better and had two fantastic meals with some of the most encouraging, supportive, and inspiring people I’ve ever met. It is so comforting coming back and having a community here and especially a community, or even communities like these.

“As a traveler, I always had vivid dreams in strange countries – something about those clammy rooms, those lumpy beds, that sour air, the nameless nighttime noise.” – Paul Theroux, My Other Life

So here’s to health! To many more crazy, vivid dreams! And for exploring this city with Immy (*who just arrived today)!

[Photo: Murky monsoon days//Grace Farson]

Brand new week




Here’s to a brand new week and all the:

+ Saturated Nepal dreams

+ Working hard hours [2 jobs + full time student = good life]

+ Staying up late

+ Studying food

+ 8 a.m. yoga

+ Memorizing scripts and acting a part

+ Finding flexibility

+ Meetings//interviews . . . meetings//interviews

+ Active moments

+ Dreaming bigger than I should

+ Teeth stained by too much coffee

+ Rediscovering the magic of twitter

+ Looking back at this photo for inspiration//motivation in dull moments

Happy last week of the first month of the new year! Make it count.

[Photos: Durbar Square. Kathmandu, Nepal//Grace Farson]

And somehow . . . October happened

I feel like October will be one trying, challenging and altogether rewarding month. Campus is overwhelmingly gloomy today and everyone I have encountered today seems entirely distracted and stressed.

It seems that everything and everyone is annoying or upsetting everyone else.

I have to admit to feeling somewhat gloomy too. I had to come back to Chapel Hill//Carrboro yesterday after a lovely weekend back home [with family + Alex + Amirah + Jamie]. Home felt like a real escape and I never wanted to leave. We rave-caved// we roller-bladed// we stuffed our little mouths with curry and sweets.

In addition to your typical school//life-related issues, I feel weighed down by a lot of issues bigger than my head can handle at the moment.

These things:

+ Grace’s thoughts on studying abroad in Chapel Hill and communal living

+ This song

+ Every couple of months I get an alarmingly intense urge to pack up and leave it all behind for Mexico

+ Looked into classes here and now my head is swirling

+ This guy was arrested, mid-haircut

[Photos: Warmer September days at Lake Jordan//Grace Farson]