the no pants april project

its that time of year again. . .

that time of year to say goodbye to pants and wear only skirts and dresses!

i’ll be documenting my month of pantslessness on my flickr site.

you should consider joining our celebration of spring and creativity and live sans pants with some of us this month!

+ + +

photos from this weekend in charlottesville coming soon!

what i wore wednesday: week 11

sorry for the  belated post, but this is what i wore wednesday two weeks ago. after two days in the same j.crew hunter green turtleneck, andrew challenged me to go a third day. . .  so. . .  of course i had to accept his challenge and get creative.

i’m proud {?} to say that this lovely shirt never left my body for three days. distressing? perhaps, but i wore it differently everday so no one knew it.

also, the hat concealed some sexy unclean hair. . .

all together it was a look inspired by laziness and the upcoming winter!

last week’s what i wore wednesday post coming soon.

and. . . a song about hysterical strength.