off to indonesia

“not i, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.
you must travel it by yourself.
it is not far. it is within reach.
perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.
perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.”

– walt whitman

ten months ago, i was on a plane headed home. four a.m. tomorrow i’ll be boarding another plane. . . this time i’m heading east.

if all goes as planned, in two short days i’ll be in this crazy city!

in three weeks all seven of us {daniel, nicole, amirah, jen, kevin + greg} will be in indo starting work. . . but before that. . . i’ll be hitting up more of java, bali, and the gili islands. amirah gets in in a few weeks {*make sure to check out her fabulous blog !} and we are so excited to see the beaches and the bright, blue water together.

i think excitement stage finally set in this afternoon.  life = wild right now {visa//sub letter//credit card//financial aid issues all day! *note: if you know of anyone in chapel hill this summer without housing. let me know! i have an empty room and i’m getting desperate! everyone keeps backing down and it’s the cutest little house ever!}

yesterday, kels and i drove to d.c. and back and although my time was far from productive, it was still fun. how can i can complain when i had a few hours  here?!

i certainly didn’t think i would be on a plane ten months after the big bad gap year. i had thought i did a good job of convincing myself and everyone else around me that i would stay home for a while, but . . .

that didn’t last long.

i feel so  incredibly blessed and i really couldn’t be more excited. thanks everyone for your continued love and support.

indonesia – i cannot wait to meet you! next time i write i’ll be in a brand new place // new time zone.



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{photos from doha and ameerika!}