reasons unknown

i am incredibly emotional today.

i just want to let out a good cry.

i have absolutely nothing to be sad about. in fact, i am incredibly content and happy with my life right now.

. . . but i just have the need to cry.

maybe i need to watch a sad movie or listen to a sad song {i don’t know if this song is helping or hurting at the moment. . .  its just so good. one of those songs i will never tire of. . . and man, the music video is gorgeous!}


+ a few weeks back, kelsey and i were interviewed by brenda barger from davidson news [dot] net. the article {with some of my photographs} was recently published here.

+ got to see (500) days of summer for the first time last night with anna, giz, + roommate {it was so real. so perfect. plus, zooey deschanel’s hair in that film is remarkable}

{photo from my time on the annapurna circuit. words by bon iver}