Family photos are hard | Davidson, NC

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Family photos are hard on all of us!

Yesterday, I got to catch up with the Anderson family and take a few photos. I had to laugh because certain days are really are hard photo days! I love these kids. They’re so fun and funny.  From jumping, to headlocks, to funny sayings –> these three do it all!

In looking over these, I realized my own family still has a really hard time with family photos!

More adorable Anderson family photos coming soon! (*Poor Hutton didn’t cry in all of them)

Lessons Learned | How not to nap


Yesterday, I didn’t learn to nap.

I tried, but I just didn’t work out well.

I did learn about Lobster though so that’s something.

Happy Fall and happy anniversary to TT and Juju! (* I don’t know what number this is, but thanks for loving each other this long and for loving your four kiddos a lot. I like you both very, very much!)

Celebrating fall this way –>

| Falling asleep to the sound of epic rain | Morning coffee |Open doors | Avocados | Grimes | Reading about Urban Agriculture |

Essentially, I’m just ready for it all.

And for this season of rich colors, cool rain, and sweaters.


+ Watch. A gorgeous film by the talented Mr. Bill Pappas.

+ See. Hitchcock-inspired photos by Nicola Kuperus.

+ Listen. Quitter’s Raga.

[Photos: Night at the foot of the Himalayas, Nepal//Grace Farson]

Job hunting and other preoccupations

Days like these are spent:

+ Looking for jobs

+Being entirely thankful for this weather – falling leaves, 78 degree miracles, and pumpkin-flavored things [despite the overall warm dreaminess]

+ Eating a salad. . . all day. . .  outside. . . at Weaver St.

+ Listening to Laura

+Trying to figure people out

+ Reading about Asia

+ Rediscovering real ginger ale

+ Catching up on the state of the world’s health here

+ Attempting to think like a poet

+ Writing about food//dreaming about other food

+ Laughing at emails from family members and Dave’s story

+ Making ambitious lists [as always]. . . and wondering if anyone ever made a living making lists for people. . . goal. . .

[Photo: Bricks, Nepal//Grace Farson]