happy LDOC!

happy LAST DAY OF CLASS and start of exam week to all my unc friends!

i’m in a state of complete shock. as much as i am ready for this semester to be done, i cannot believe just how fast it went by!

+ + +


+ i agree with this

+ my lovely margo was interviewed for cnn yesterday! i’m still in shock i got to see the president live yesterday! currently crushing real hard on our president. i kinda love him . . . also, check out the special jimmy fallon “holy crap edition” filmed at our lovely memorial hall! . . . basically, yesterday was crazy. . . and this campus was unbelievable. {my photos of his speech to come!}

+ 1-800-seventh

+one of these days i’m going to have a backyard with a tub

+ + +

cheers y’all! hope you’re having a good wednesday.

{photo taken this past saturday. . . this is one of the many things we found along highway 54}