Back to Bangkok

IMG_0548IMG_0552IMG_0404 IMG_0435 IMG_0449 IMG_0444 IMG_0457 IMG_0463 IMG_0471 IMG_0474 IMG_0475 IMG_0515 IMG_0598 IMG_0600 IMG_0609 IMG_0614 IMG_0605This is a little of what my day back in Bangkok looked like.

I’m staying at this really quite (cheap and clean) hostel outside the city (*When I say quiet, I mean it too. I think I’m the only guest here).

The trip from Koh Tao (ferry –> bus –> train –> tuktuk) was very long and exhausting, but I still managed to spend most of my day traveling around and seeing new streets in Bangkok. So far, I’m really impressed by this city. It is full of far more surprises than I imagined and I am glad to be back for a little bit longer.

What my weekend looked like

IMG_6914 IMG_6925 IMG_7265 IMG_6995 IMG_6942 IMG_7015 IMG_7028 IMG_7305 IMG_7158 IMG_7309 IMG_7293 IMG_7302 IMG_7361

3 days and 2 nights in Asheville is just what I needed. I came home more inspired, encouraged, and restored than ever.

We laughed a lot, we didn’t sleep much, and most of all, we ate. And we ate really well and stayed full. I feel that I’m still stuffed from the weekend!

I know with a certain level of conviction that there are two places on earth that I belong — New Zealand and Asheville — and I cannot see that ever changing.

More photos coming soon!

The good

IMG_4791 IMG_4800 IMG_4806 IMG_4802 IMG_4822

How I define good right now:

+ Time with the ones I love

+ Food from Venable

+ Climbing rock walls and up to the roof of buildings

+ Mediation

+ My boxy leather jacket

+ Finishing projects

+ Planning for the future (i.e. future classes)

+ Waking up with your entire house at 7 to pancakes and snuggles on a Tuesday

+ Cool, not cold weather

+ This podcast

+ Sharp, red wine

+ Conversations over Chinese food, on foot, in the library, on the phone. . .