“touch comes before sight, before speech. it is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.”

– margaret atwood, the blind assasin

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off to atlanta for work for the next five days.

these days are busy, but they’re good days. lots of work time, friend time, rave cave time, exercise and good food time.

+ a happy little video

+ my next summer recipe

+ bakso in bali

{the flowers currently on my kitchen table}

baby guion painting

i made guion cry agian this year. . .

after his reaction to last year’s tracy morgan portrait, i was sure that this year’s painting would not provoke the same response, but . . . it did. he wept with joy.

i don’t really know what prompted this year’s weird painting, but a baby with a beard was what i came up with.

i am happy with the end result, but honeslty, i am more impressed that dad and i made the frame late on christmas eve. sure, we might have spent a good three hours down in mm + dd’s basement cutting little pieces of wood, but the end result was pretty impressive. frames by jak & grace – it’s our new business and we’re going to be famous for it one of these days. . .

thoughts, ideas, suggestions for next year’s painting?