life lately, according to my camera{s}

i’m here these days. this is my life. . .

“the secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

– siddhartha gautama

. . .

thanks siddhartha!

. . .

1.) the bell tower at sunset

2.) this lady gets around

3.) i think i have had more ice cream and gelato in my diet than ever before {okay, well. . . maybe not italy, but close! in venice, k and i found ourselves eating pistachio gelato at least 3 times a day}

4.) ananda’s art

5.) still warm enough to wear chacos

6.) ananda at open studio day

7.) roygbiv. . . an almost complete rainbow.

8.) the messes i make – text books, posters for gappl, clean sheets of paper to doodle on, a pencil, tea, my headphones, pile of clothes and shoes. . . you name it. . .

9.) asia’s superior handstand outside of davis

10.) sunny spot outside of ehaus

11.) giz and i skype with emily in jordan

12.) tunnels under ch

13.) andrew doing what he does best

14.) the lovely meg & margo on our “treat yourself night

15.) the girl with the flower in her hair

16.) an epic dinner at talullah’s

17.) yoga days

18.) work outside

19.) yellow trees

the anna alphabet

ambition: do something selfless with my life

bad habit: forgetting to eat meals here and there

city: chapel thrill

drink: sunkist, though i am trying to defeat my addiction

education: first-year student at unc chapel hill

food: chocolate chip pancakes. cooked in butter, smothered in syrup.

guilty pleasure: one time i read the twilight books…and liked it.

hometown: greenville, n.c.

ice cream: karamel sutra

jonesing for: a complete autumn wardrobe.

kryptonite: the snooze button

look-alike: my mother

movies: (500) days of summer. into the wild.

nicknames: annaday. holla. anna the holiday ornament.

obsession: john krasinski. zooey deschannel. mixed cds. black & white photography. sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) by arcade fire. i dream about this song quite often.

perfume: i rely solely on my shampoo to give me a somewhat-pleasant smell. is that gross?

quirk: long toenails

regrets: dumping charlie shelton in the 8th grade

starbucks: java chip frapp

talents: black & white film photography (shooting, developing, and soon to work on printing!)

univerisity: tar heel born, tar heel bred

vacation: barcelona, spain!

wine: that taste has yet to be acquired…

x: my unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise

years: eighteeeeeen

zen: listening to the where the wild things are soundtrack. (i named my car after karen o.) reading harry potter. laughing with my mother

. . .

{sure hope you enjoyed the lovely miss anna’s alpahabet! i particularly love her answer to regrets – so cute and sweet. she and charlie have since sorted things out! all photos are from giz, anna, and my sugarland date the other afternoon. *remember, feel free to send an alphabet my way and i will get around to posting it one of these odd days. . . }

the fariha alphabet

meet my one and only fariha.

fariha knows everyone and everyone’s brother on campus! she is by far one of the most friendly people i have ever met. she’s got beauty, brains, and charm.

i’m so happy this girl is in my life.

. . .

ambition: use potential to the fullest. be the best fariha she can be.

bad habit: letting people into her life too easily

city: chapel hill, n.c.

drink: crystal light – pomegranate lemonade

education: uni of north carolina, chapel hill

food: salad. chocolate

guilty pleasure: online shopping

hometown: auckland, new zealand {parents from dhaka, bangladesh}

ice cream: cake batter

jonesing for: love

kryptonite: sushi. babies. charming boys.

look-a-like: apparently miley cyrus

movies: “titanic.” “i am legend.”

nicknames: sweet ‘n low. frito burrito. frito lay. freedom. firey ho. for reelzies. maria f baby.

obsession: texting. shopping. music that hits the heart.

perfume: so pink

quirk: leaves her pinky finger up when she takes a drink and sticks her pointer finger out when she eats

regrets: none that she hasn’t learned from

starbucks: white chocolate mocha expresso

talents: making the most of difficult situations

university: chapel hill {pre-dental}

vacation:  any of the islands off of new zealand

wine: none

x: animosity

years: eighteen years

zen: driving. good music. dove chocolate.

. . .

now, it’s your turn!

leave a comment and let me know if you’re interested in participating. . .

send your alphabet my way and i’ll post it as soon as i can.

the giz alphabet

ambition:to be a piece of art

bad habit: neat freak habit {*note: she is living with me this year. we just had to submit our housing/roommate agreement form yesterday and laughed about that one}

city: chapel hill, n.c.

drink: lemonade

education: currently a student at unc – chapel hill

food: chocolate & bread

guilty pleasure: mushy music. gossip girl. “friday”

hometown: asheville {dublin & london count too!}

ice cream: anything chocolate

jonesing for: real food

kryptonite: sawyer

look-a-like: natalie portman

movies: “the royal tenenbaums”. “(500) days of summer”. “singing in the rain“.

nicknames: giz. sweetheart. betty. gizzy. friday. g. e.

obsession: movies. texting. clothing. chocolate. houses. emma watson. purple.

perfume: anything good

quirk: messing with her left earring when she thinks

regrets: junior year

starbucks: black americano

talents: pretending. cleaning. baking.

university: unc – chapel hill {studying drama & communications}

vacation: seattle

wine: white

x: x her need for people

years: eighteen

zen: rain. curling up in a ball. loud music. sisters. smoke. yummy smells

{* p.s. g’s portrait & my post “irene” was recently re-posted over at toemail! also, i am currently hiding with hundreds of other unc students in the basement of the student union. a freak tornado just hit chapel hill. . . so if i don’t have the chance to post another post ever again, know that i lived a good life [listening to this & dreaming of him]! strange how week 1 back to school = earthquake. week 2 = hurricane. and now week 3 = tornado. starting off well. . . also, if you are interested in contributing to my collection of alphabets inspired by my sister abby, please send me a few photos and your responses. . . also, stay tuned for my suite-mate aditi’s alphabet!}


“heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. i was better after I had cried, than before–more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.”

great expectations, charles dickens

i never did cry.

but the rain helped a lot.

. . .

{photos: a special thanks to irene & my lovely model – my roommate giz}

inside le dorm room

bienvenue dans notre chambre!

this place is beginning to feel more like a home to us now.

the best of this week:

+ hanging out with andrew and doing the same crazy, spontaneous stuff we always used to do together

+ a “pantry” full of trader joe’s food

+ going to hear jonathan safran foer talk about eating animals

+ yo pu with the sisters on friday {abby was in town for a wedding and kelsey and i finally got to hang out}

+ going to vintage 21 this morning for church {i’ve missed church and good church at that}

+ fixing my bike

+ finding milk crates on the side of the road

+ meeting people for the first time

+ staying active

the worst of this week:

+living without gluten {or trying to}

+ getting back into the rhythm of studying {after 15+ months, it is really hard}

+ the overwhelming {lack} of the much anticipated crazy hurricane weather

+ making decisions

the things to look forward to this next week:

+ getting more involved in activities on and off campus

+ costume history class

+tuesdays and thursdays

. . .

“no need to hurry. no need to sparkle. no need to be anybody but oneself.”

a room of one’s own, virginia woolf

. . .

happy sunday!

i’m off to go study astronomy. . .