And somehow . . . October happened

I feel like October will be one trying, challenging and altogether rewarding month. Campus is overwhelmingly gloomy today and everyone I have encountered today seems entirely distracted and stressed.

It seems that everything and everyone is annoying or upsetting everyone else.

I have to admit to feeling somewhat gloomy too. I had to come back to Chapel Hill//Carrboro yesterday after a lovely weekend back home [with family + Alex + Amirah + Jamie]. Home felt like a real escape and I never wanted to leave. We rave-caved// we roller-bladed// we stuffed our little mouths with curry and sweets.

In addition to your typical school//life-related issues, I feel weighed down by a lot of issues bigger than my head can handle at the moment.

These things:

+ Grace’s thoughts on studying abroad in Chapel Hill and communal living

+ This song

+ Every couple of months I get an alarmingly intense urge to pack up and leave it all behind for Mexico

+ Looked into classes here and now my head is swirling

+ This guy was arrested, mid-haircut

[Photos: Warmer September days at Lake Jordan//Grace Farson]