the awesome list:

things that are awesome:

+ the year in awesome people

+ the power of half

+ louie schwartzberg: nature. beauty. gratitude.

+ picture show: cambodian fishing villages, lit by a solar night light

+ cnn’s hero of the year award 2011

+ amy purdy

{and an awesome photo of an awesome little one in nepal}

things that bother me:

  • not being able to spend time with the ones i love
  • the fact sleep is a requirement to living a good and productive life
  • cheap, flavorless food
  • there are only 24 hours in a day
  • i don’t make time for yoga as much as i should
  • i never learned to play an instrument
  • words are never enough
  • not staying physically active
  • leprosy
  • grades
  • competitive and controlling environments
  • climate change
  • fakes
  • modern day slavery
  • the fact i like meat {reading peter singer’s practical ethics in philosphy and feeling quilty about eating meat} i’ve been vegetarian off and on for ages, and i still don’t know what to make of it all. . . i know that i eat a better more balanced diet when i eat meat, but how can eating meat be morally right? i don’t even support zoos, but i still eat meat. . . how does that work? your thoughts?

. . .

what has been bothering you these days?

so. . .

what are you going to do about it?

i am going to start getting more sleep. start staying more informed and aware. and start making time for the things i need to make me feel more like me again!

. . .

{photo from one of the many train rides in india}

a photo and a few links for your night:

a cow in pushkar, india

+  reading psi’s healthy lives blog today and saw mandy’s post on iuds and two of the women we met in nepal – samjhana and anju.

+  also, i was happy to see unc was listed as on the maternal health task force’s projects page!

+ early morning class tomorrow. need my sleep now.