tr.v. dazed, daz·ing, daz·es

To dazzle, as with strong light.



+ My favorite photographer of the week – > Randy Martin

+ My favorite song of the week – > Fern by Zoe Keating

+ My favorite bold new idea of the week – > iShack

[Photo: Like watercolor. More holga fun//Grace Farson]

Relentless Usurpation of Temporal Linearity




Back to it all.

First day of classes = something like this. . .

Woke up at 7:47 for my 8 a.m. // made it there + only 5 mins late // pjs = leggins + velvet shirt worn all day // new classes and faces all around// hugs // promises to see each other in the new semester// classes added//classes dropped//plans// people darting in and out of buildings trying to find classes// goodbyes//new connections made . . .

I had been continuing to do the same thing
while expecting different results.

On most days the children learned how
to do something. Time passed around us

as something approaching a figure eight
might move in order to let all else move

or be moved by our large numbers of feelings
exponentially on high alert once we let them register.

It passed us around. It passed around us like a river
around a boulder.

Music consisted of light & light came on time.
It was impossible for us not to anthropomorphize everything.

And yes, watching ice skaters, the kind called figure skaters,
the ones who aren’t doing anything other than tracking again &

again some figure of infinity marked out on ice for them,
this never failed to quiet us down & take us some place else.

– Dara Wier, 2012

[Photos: Holga, early spring, last year//Grace Farson]

where i live now

“this is a place where i don’t feel alone . . . this is a place where i feel at home.”

to build a home, cinematic orchestra

+ + +

it’s hard to believe i have been home for four months now. . . but what is even more strange is that i have lived in this place for three of those four months.

i never spend time here and i consider it more of a storage unit than a home because it is essentially just the place i store all of my things. . . it is far from a home, but ehaus, dear ehaus, you’ve been good to me.

. . . i’m just really excited about having a real home someday soon.

{holga photos from earlier this fall & the other two from a certain lovely night in chapel hill}

p.s. i want to apply for a grant to “research” skylining and possibly marry one of these french boys. . . also, thanks world for making classy documentaries like these!