The art of moving


I haven’t quite mastered the art of moving. I leave and go back to Carrboro life today. The car is somewhat packed and I honestly believe it is the worst packing job I have ever done in my life.

I’m just fed up with packing, with moving, and with going. I know within a week of being settled again, I will want to go all over again, but for now, I’m really excited to stay put for a bit. . .

[Photo: Abandoned place in Chapel Hill//Grace Farson]

Maybe I’ll come home. . .


Just maybe I’ll come home after all.

Three months ago, I left for India in a rush and now I’m coming back home entirely worn down. I feel that I’m returning home victorious, even though India and Nepal ultimately always win.

My body is broken, but I’m HERE. This was one trying though fulfilling summer and most importantly, it was a summer of learning a lot about LOVE. Love of place and love of people and opening up to it without any restraints.

This is the first time in all my travels that I’m actually excited to go home. In the past I’ve always pretended to be excited about returning, but this time around its real. I’m so looking forward to the security that’s found in the familiar. I am ready to feel safe, comfortable, and still all over again. And most of all, I’m looking forward to not standing out and going back to a place where I can go and not be questioned.

I look forward to home and to finding new adventures there too. This life and mindset doesn’t have to end just because I’ve packed my bags and am flying back to NC.

For now, I’m looking forward to 17 good hours in little London town and then d.c. and finally, home.

Until that next time.

[Photo: Yoga on a roof in Rishikesh at the start of this journey//Grace Farson]

Around my neighborhood







Letang-6, our neighborhood is full of surprises.

We had no idea what to expect at first, but now that we are here, now that we have assembled a sort of home here//have a community, we feel that we will never really leave.

Nothing is better than walking or running through town and knowing most everyone you pass.

[Photos: Letang-6 life//Grace Farson]

Kathmandu. First night back











The moment I saw the first glimpse of a snowy mountain from the airplane, I knew part of me was going back home. It was the third time I’d flown from Delhi to Kathmandu, and I’d forgotten how tremendous the landscape is here! Here in this entirely special, tiny, sacred country.

I landed and embraced the calmer, cleaner, cooler air. I couldn’t stop smiling and nothing could have disrupted my good mood (*not even the troubles I faced in getting my visa. I landed without the right amount of money in USD because there was no working ATM after security in Delhi and the ATM machine was broken in Tribhuvan airport when I arrived, so. . . I somehow managed to convince the kind money exchange worker to exchange my Indian rupees to USD *even though 1,000 and 500 rupee notes are illegal now in Nepal! He was so kind that he even offered to loan me USD in the hopes that I came back in a week and gave it back to him! Amazing offer and outstanding kindness, but. . . I opted for a 30-day visa *all that my money could get me and will have to go get an extension later this week).

That aside, I victoriously walked out of the airport and felt perfectly at home and comfortable driving back to the place I love and know so well. Few things have changed. There are a few newly painted walls, a recently burnt down building, and a bit more garbage, but other than that, it all feels familiar and right.

Hugs, a shower,  and then dinner at Niti and Sanjiv’s place followed. Beautiful view//whiskey//homemade buff momos//soup//good conversations//Nepali lessons.

I slept soundly and woke up early to do yoga on the roof. This roof.

Right now, it is all a sort of happiness and excitement that makes me feel that I could crack, and crack into a thousand small pieces.

I never want to leave this place, but unlike last time, I know that I have a lot to go back home to as well. There are many people to share life with here, but I am confident the same exists back home too. I have a lot to look forward to now and the future, here and there. People to love here. People to love back home.

[Photos: First night back in Kathmandu//Grace Farson]

Still with hearts beating




One final paper and then this semester will be over. . . and summer will officially begin!

Plans for now and the next few days of life:

+ About to hit the road –> Boone for tonight + tomorrow

+ Two more days of work

+ A handful of meetings

+ A trip to Pennsylvania with them!

+ A day back in Chapel Hill to move and celebrate dear ones graduating!

+ A half day back home

+ Two days in D.C. with Mom, Kelsey, AND Abby!

+ And then, then I’m flying across this big world to this beautiful city!

These plans are the plans that make me excited to be alive these days. These are the thoughts that make my heart beat a little faster. Big transitions, big changes, but good things all around . . .

[Photos: 1.) BBQ love, 2.) Blair at 100 Shelton St, & 3.) A day in the life of Tiger House/100 Shelton St. residents//Grace Farson]

If you must leave

no other photo

This might just be my favorite photo of all time. It was taken at Shakori right after a long hula hoop and handstand session and right before the sun went down over the trees.

I packed the car and drove home this morning.

In the middle of exams this week, but needed to pause. halt. stop.

Currently just trying to make sense of anything.

. . . And if you must leave
Leave as though fire burns under your feet
And if you must speak
Speak every word word as if it were unique
And if you die, sweetheart
Die knowing your life was my life’s best part
And if you must die
Remember your life
You are, you are, all you love
You are, all
If you must fight
Fight with yourself with yours thoughts in the night
And if you must work
Work to leave some parts of you on this earth
And if you must live, darling, oh
Just live . . .

– Keaton Henson, “You

That’s all.

Just trying to stay afloat for now. . .

[Photo: What love looks like at Shakori//Grace Farson]