inside le dorm room

bienvenue dans notre chambre!

this place is beginning to feel more like a home to us now.

the best of this week:

+ hanging out with andrew and doing the same crazy, spontaneous stuff we always used to do together

+ a “pantry” full of trader joe’s food

+ going to hear jonathan safran foer talk about eating animals

+ yo pu with the sisters on friday {abby was in town for a wedding and kelsey and i finally got to hang out}

+ going to vintage 21 this morning for church {i’ve missed church and good church at that}

+ fixing my bike

+ finding milk crates on the side of the road

+ meeting people for the first time

+ staying active

the worst of this week:

+living without gluten {or trying to}

+ getting back into the rhythm of studying {after 15+ months, it is really hard}

+ the overwhelming {lack} of the much anticipated crazy hurricane weather

+ making decisions

the things to look forward to this next week:

+ getting more involved in activities on and off campus

+ costume history class

+tuesdays and thursdays

. . .

“no need to hurry. no need to sparkle. no need to be anybody but oneself.”

a room of one’s own, virginia woolf

. . .

happy sunday!

i’m off to go study astronomy. . .