Brand new week




Here’s to a brand new week and all the:

+ Saturated Nepal dreams

+ Working hard hours [2 jobs + full time student = good life]

+ Staying up late

+ Studying food

+ 8 a.m. yoga

+ Memorizing scripts and acting a part

+ Finding flexibility

+ Meetings//interviews . . . meetings//interviews

+ Active moments

+ Dreaming bigger than I should

+ Teeth stained by too much coffee

+ Rediscovering the magic of twitter

+ Looking back at this photo for inspiration//motivation in dull moments

Happy last week of the first month of the new year! Make it count.

[Photos: Durbar Square. Kathmandu, Nepal//Grace Farson]

Job hunting and other preoccupations

Days like these are spent:

+ Looking for jobs

+Being entirely thankful for this weather – falling leaves, 78 degree miracles, and pumpkin-flavored things [despite the overall warm dreaminess]

+ Eating a salad. . . all day. . .  outside. . . at Weaver St.

+ Listening to Laura

+Trying to figure people out

+ Reading about Asia

+ Rediscovering real ginger ale

+ Catching up on the state of the world’s health here

+ Attempting to think like a poet

+ Writing about food//dreaming about other food

+ Laughing at emails from family members and Dave’s story

+ Making ambitious lists [as always]. . . and wondering if anyone ever made a living making lists for people. . . goal. . .

[Photo: Bricks, Nepal//Grace Farson]