A letter to mom


Dear TT,

First of all, I cannot even begin to tell you just how EXCITED I am to spend the next two weeks with you in INDIA. I’m thrilled to be spending your Birthday in the place I love ever so much!

I sure hope you’re ready for THIS. All of it! This is going to be one of the greatest adventures of your life.

Some things to remember before you go:

  • You’re about to learn patience like you never knew before. If big, bad, wonderful India teaches you one thing, its PATIENCE.
  • Be prepared for everything, but expect nothing
  • Allow yourself to FEEL. Feel everything. Don’t be scared of feeling.
  • Be shocked. Be scared. Be joyful. And laugh when there is nothing else to do!
  • This is nothing like you’re familiar with and there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for this. . . but, have no fear!
  • When INDIA is good, it is the BEST
  • None of this will ever seem real. When we get back home, this entire journey will seem like a dream. It will all be hard to imagine or come to terms with. . .
  • Don’t worry. Don’t you worry about a thing!
  • Just be.

Relax into all this and let India take you by surprise! We’re about to share something remarkable// eye-opening// and life-changing. . . and I cannot think of anyone on earth I’d rather spend these next two weeks with!

I’m still just in shock this is finally happening!

Thanks for always trusting me. Thanks for taking risks and for being bold ALWAYS.

And most of all, thank you for loving me fully.

Bon voyage and see you in a few days!



21 hours










I got spoiled by the last bus ride I took.

Yesterday//this morning’s journey was far from pleasant. It left me sick, sore, and frustrated. I kept trying to remind myself of the good and all the reasons I love this country, but I admit, it wasn’t easy.

We traveled through the night and stopped// sat, in a stuffy, hot bus for most of it. There were two strikes, and various other side trips . . . which made the whole journey over 21 hours. Music and daydreams were my strength and without them, I might have done something drastic.

The sick I am is the same sick I’ve been before// often feel here. Nothing serious, just annoying.

I’m back in Kathmandu now to renew my Visa and have left the rest of the team in Letang for a couple of days.

Traveling, no matter the distance, always puts everything into perspective. Already, I have renewed energy and enthusiasm to get back to Letang (*Even though I’m already dreading that same noisy, uncomfortable journey back!). I often overlook the act of traveling itself. The act of moving. The art of travel involves a lot more than just a final destination. The hard travel is what makes me feel strong, independent, and alive.
For now, I’m happy to be back in Kathmandu. A place I take great comfort in and find great inspiration from on a daily basis.

[Photos: Bus ride from Letang, Morang to Kathmandu//Grace Farson]

The Nepal that I used to know





Only in Nepal do you drive several hours West in order to get to your final destination in the East.

The bus journey we endured onThursday reminded me a lot of the Nepal that I remembered, fell so in love with last time. A hot, humid, sticky world full of crazed drivers, loud horns, and lovely views.

It was by far the best journey I’ve had traveling in Nepal yet because almost everything went as planned and it involved just 12 hours of napping, watching the world, and reading. I asked after 12 hours on bus number one if we could ride on the roof of bus number 2, saying we all needed fresh air, and the kind bus driver agreed.

It is so good to be back in the Terai. I knew the moment I saw it again that these next few months were going to be an adventure, and one I wouldn’t forget.

[Photos: 12 hours + 2 buses//Grace Farson]

Back to Delhi


Off to Delhi this morning.

I cannot really say I’m excited about the journey I’m about to take, but I will be excited once I get there. I’m pumped to see the fabulous Greg Randolph too (*almost exactly a year since we were here).

Delhi is madness, but the kind of madness I look for in life.

Madness// sort of like being awestruck.

[Photo: Delhi in 2011//Grace Farson]