about today

dad showing off his mad knitting skillz

i know, i know, three posts in one day, but i know what this next week holds and that i won’t have the chance to post much. . . so here it is. . .

even though today started off beautifully {gentle yoga with bothmom & dad! it was a big day}, work at the beehive, and celebrating mom’s bday, and trying to making chocolate cake, i still have felt a bit sad inside.

ultimately this sadness comes from my missing travel. mom asked me earlier how i was going to keep up with the people i met while abroad, and i told her email and facebook primarily. but. . . for a person who doesn’t do a very good job of that to begin with, it will be hard.

i miss travel terribly. i miss my friends from all around the world, miss how simple life was abroad, and miss the daily adventures i had both big and small.

don’t get me wrong, i am so happy to be home and with the people i love most, but i cannot ignore the fact i miss what i had the past half a year abroad. * today marks exactly a month of being home. it is hard to believe.

things that have excited me today:

+ packing for the beach! going to the beach for five days with one of my favorite people on this earth {maria} to take care of crazy little kiddos

+ these photos and this story about birth in rural nepal that abby shared with me today {unfortunately, this only made me miss beautiful nepal more though} it excited me because one of these days i want to tell stories like these. this was a start. . . but i still have a long way to go. . .

+ looking at bus tickets to d.c. to visit kels & dana!

+ starting a new book and working through eating animals

+ fresh cucumbers from the garden. sooo good.

+ and, finally. . . knitting! as mentioned earlier, ms. beth was wonderful and saw to it that i finally got around to learning to knit. been practicing these past few days and even dad showed off his knitting skillz! believe it or not, that man can knit. he told us the cutest, saddest, and sweetest story of all time about how and why he learned to knit. basically, it involved wanting to be on the basketball team when he was little and wanting to be like all the other cool kids with wristbands. . . how adorable is that? but. . . he never made anything else again b/c one kid asked him – “did your grandma make that for you?” sad. how he still remembers how to knit is beyond me. . . all i want to get out of knitting is to be able to one day make a scarf, a hat, and a poncho. yes, a poncho.

+ come thou fount of every blessing, sufjan style. listening to that now. it was in the top three of songs i listened to the most while i was abroad.


chocolate cake

ever since i spent an afternoon/ late night at the pinckney’s just catching up, eating fish tacos, and knitting, yes, knitting {!} i was reminded of my 20 by 20 goals i set in february.

thanks to the wonderful ms. beth, i finally got around to goal number 8! more to come on knitting later on. . .

in thinking through my goals, i remembered number 1 – learn to make a ridiculously good and moist chocolate cake. so, in honor of mom’s birthday, i decided to make this, inspired originally by this post.  {the barefoot contessa is a mad genius btw}

so. . . even though my project started off so beautifully, just check out that photo of the yummy chocolate, it went downhill quickly. after letting my cakes chill in the pans, i went to dump them off on the cooling rack. it didn’t go over so well, and my well-greased pans didn’t work so magically. in short, the cakes crumbled and instead of tossing it away, mom and i opted to piece it together and enjoy it just the same. even though it isn’t beautiful, it sure is delicious. the buttercream, chocolate, & coffee icing = unreal.

hopefully if you make this, yours will turn out as beautiful as ina’s!