Magical Inle Lake

IMG_3084Back in Yangon after a terribly quick, but beautiful two days at Inle Lake.

I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go after all the time spent in Yangon, but realized I needed to be around water. I woke up the other morning and decided Inle and booked a bus a few minutes later. I packed only a tiny bag and left everything else in Yangon. It is a strange but comforting feeling to know you’re completely free and open to anything life throws at you.

It was a good decision. And I’d recommend the place to anyone.

For now, its back to Yangon and to the city I’ve learned to love. I must admit being able to tell direct a taxi to an address over an hour away felt quite rewarding this morning.

This last week will be crazy and filled with trying to squeeze everything in and learning how to come to a good stopping point. . . I’m still learning that. . .


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want to live back home.

I’m determined this time around to live much as I do abroad. I want to make an active commitment to surround myself with people from other places, to make each and every day an adventure in itself. I like waking up and realizing there is so much possibility in each day ahead. There are always new things to experience. So far, living like that here again has been just that. Life is never dull, and that’s one lesson I learned very young from my Dad.

This past week has quite possibly been one of the greatest weeks I’ve ever had in Chapel Hill//Carrboro.

Life has been full of time spent outdoors; with friends old and new and from all over the world. I really could not have asked much more out of a week. I’ve spent five consecutive days in water, in sun and in laughter.

Yesterday, a group of us made a trip over to Jordan lake. We swam, we attempted to slackline, we played frisbee and some “graceball” and ate one too many grapes.

“Experience life in all possible ways —
good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,
summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.
Don’t be afraid of experience, because
the more experience you have, the more
mature you become.” – Osho

[Photo: An afternoon at Jordan Lake//Grace Farson]

christmas time with the family

i adore my family.

+ + +

i love that:

– we laugh constantly

– we are creative

– we know how to cook

– we like reveal what the present is on the wrapping paper

– we have some incredible traditions

– we play new games every time we get together

– we freeze presents in a block of ice {in a cooler wrapped with rope, paper, and duck tape too}

– we have mm + dd’s house on the lake to escape to every christmas

– we have a really hard time getting one good photo

– we love and support each other fully

+ + +

hope you had a wonderful christmas too!