Crazy, stupid colors

nztwo nzthree nzone

Amirah in Oz asked me to think of the best places I lived in//visited in NZ and it brought back a flood of good memories. That, and a good conversation on bleachers about how NZ is the greatest place on earth, has had me thinking a good deal about NZ again.

I went through old photos and found these.

Gorgeous, crazy, stupid colorful NZ. I love that place and the life I lived there. Funny to think how different I feel now. I’m stable. Content being here and most of all passionate about things beyond just places alone. It is so easy in a place like NZ to feel constantly and unbelievably excited//inspired by your surroundings, but I’m finding that is possible in most any place. Yes, even here. Even in Carrboro.

It is fun to revisit this place through pictures and words and even more to realize that beauty exists like this. A type of beauty that is uncomfortable//distracting. A place that glows with so much color its frightening.

[Photos: The impossible beauty of the Milford sounds, NZ//Grace Farson]

The same sky

thusky sun

Photo one: Before sunset in Chitwan National Park // Nepal.

Photo two: Sunset on Gili Trawangan Island // Indonesia.

I was attempting to organize old photos last night when I came across these.  They remind me of what I love on land, in sky, in sea, in space. . .

Asia’s big skies are majestic and few things in this big world can compete.

[Photos: Nepal and Indonesia a year apart//Grace Farson]

Night notes: Kathmandu



Leaving this gorgeous city for a quieter life in the Terai in just a few hours. Doubt I will sleep at all knowing I have to be awake again in just two small hours.

Two months. The lovely Terai. Dal Bhat daily.

Maybe I’m just far too excited or curious to sleep anyway. . .

Letang here we come!

[Photos: Views near Swayambunath Temple at Sunset//Grace Farson]

Landscapes, Udaipur


Last night when I couldn’t get to sleep, I went through old photos of Udaipur. I particularly loved these three. I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights [I think it’s all due to starting back and figuring LIFE out here again]. It really doesn’t help thinking about India either. . .

[Photos: Udaipur, India. June 2011 //Grace Farson]

empty spaces

oh lazy saturdays where have you been from my life?!

i spent the night with kels and i’m just now getting around to thinking through what i want to accomplish.

i feel rested, content and at peace {amazing, considering it’s exam week!} and now all i crave is a huge mug of tea and some empty space.

_ _ _ _ _

“all the time we spent in bed, counting miles before we said, fall in love and fall apart, things will end before they start.”

– sufjan stevens

_ _ _ _ _

plus, three fabulous things for your day:

+ i’ve got so much love and admiration for this group of empowered women it’s unreal

+ watched this movie last night and it was so, so lovely and real

+ creepy abandoned cities

{photos from the annapurna circuit, outside of town of manang}