These days


+ Thinking an awfully lot about this place

+ Listening to this song  

+ Looking at this as often as I can

+ Working most all my waking hours// thankful to have work again

+ Reading this and this

+ Thinking and praying for all those hurting – in CT, in Davidson, and all around this big world

[Photo: Baghmara, Nepal//Grace Farson]


what life has looked like these days

all images of chapel hill // home life and some of the adventures in between.

this is what life has looked like these past few days, but tomorrow all of this is about to change. . .

“i think i would sum it up in this way: life is not a story about me, but it is being told to me, and i can be glad of that. i think that is the why of life and, in fact, the why of this ancient faith i am caught up in: to enjoy God. the starts were created to dazzle us, like a love letter, light itself is just a metaphor, something like that exists outside of time, made up of what seems like nothing, infinite in its power, something experienced but not understood, like God. relationships indicate something of the nature of God – that he is rational, that he feels love and loss. it’s all a metaphor and the story is about us, it’s about all of us who God made, and God himself, just enjoying each other. . . i think we are supposed to stand in deserts and marvel at how the sun rises. i think we are supposed to sleep in meadows and watch stars dart across space and time. i think we are supposed to love our friends and introduce people to the story, to the peaceful, calming why of life. i think life is spirituality.”

– donald miller

* * *

that’s one of the reasons i travel. . . why i’m always packing up and leaving. . .

one of these days i’ll stay put, but for now, i’m ready to go again.