Public spaces

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In sorting through my life and old photos last night, I came across these three images. They were taken on my last night in London this past summer.

I wandered through Regent’s park and felt a lot for the place // the city as a whole.

London will always have a special place in my heart and I know that (*in addition to my beloved India and Nepal too) it will always be a place I go back to . . . Now and for years to come.

Days with Amirah | London, England

IMG_9355 IMG_9365 IMG_9369 IMG_9375 IMG_9389 IMG_9399 IMG_9403 IMG_9415 IMG_9429 IMG_9513 IMG_9523The past few days with Amirah in London have been everything I hoped they would be and more. We laughed, snuggled, ate amazing food, walked fast, and shared our big hopes and dreams. London has always been good to me, but I feel that it gets better every trip.

I’m currently writing from Heathrow and leave for Bahrain –> Bangkok shortly. I’m excited (and maybe a little unprepared) for the next journey! Currently working on only a few hours of sleep and feel that the next day of my life with enjoy all the travel sleep.

Until next time dear London!

The hours I spent in Brighton

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On the way home this summer, I spent 17 busy//stressful//fun hours in and outside of London. I got to see friends and a city I love . . . but somehow in those 17 hours, I wound up in Brighton!

Lovely//quiet// weird Brighton by the bay. 

And I’m glad I got to go back and see it.

[Photos: Brighton at night//Grace Farson]



Maybe I’ll come home. . .


Just maybe I’ll come home after all.

Three months ago, I left for India in a rush and now I’m coming back home entirely worn down. I feel that I’m returning home victorious, even though India and Nepal ultimately always win.

My body is broken, but I’m HERE. This was one trying though fulfilling summer and most importantly, it was a summer of learning a lot about LOVE. Love of place and love of people and opening up to it without any restraints.

This is the first time in all my travels that I’m actually excited to go home. In the past I’ve always pretended to be excited about returning, but this time around its real. I’m so looking forward to the security that’s found in the familiar. I am ready to feel safe, comfortable, and still all over again. And most of all, I’m looking forward to not standing out and going back to a place where I can go and not be questioned.

I look forward to home and to finding new adventures there too. This life and mindset doesn’t have to end just because I’ve packed my bags and am flying back to NC.

For now, I’m looking forward to 17 good hours in little London town and then d.c. and finally, home.

Until that next time.

[Photo: Yoga on a roof in Rishikesh at the start of this journey//Grace Farson]