here, there & everywhere in between

back home again after a long, but productive weekend. tt & i went to chapel hill for a quick visit to paint & clean & explore.

here’s to a memorable week & learning new things:

* lots of lovely new photos// videos here

* moving

* this book

{photo: jakarta, indonesia}

the weekend came early this week

+we get tomorrow off thanks to easter, so i’m heading home as soon as my last class gets out today. . . and i’m bringing alyssa with me. . .

+ three days of the no pants april project on flickr. . . more to come soon!

+ check out the “teach-in/speak-out” video kathryn and i did for reese yesterday

+ also, thanks backpack. you have made it on the kvetching board again this week. first there was this: “girl walking into davis library: you have a dinosaur bookbag. with spikes on it. i want it.” . . . and now this: “to the girl who admired someone’s spiky dinosaur backpack last week: the children’s store, 243 s. elliott road. we have ‘em.” . . . or you could buy them from the beehive in charlotte!


a little list of things for your day:

+ voyages through egypt in the 1920s

+ from book to carving

+ reesenews’s sick video from holi in chapel hill 2012 {and another holi video here}

+ bruce weber & gypsies in vogue

+ this drawing apparatus is sweet

+ i love people too

+ helpful tips on good food combinations

{all photos from the other afternoon in the woods behind ehaus}

come on mood shift, shift back to good again

what is it with mondays?

i think i got too excited about the snow last night and i convinced myself that we were going to have the day off, so when that didn’t happen, i went crazy for a bit.

after the weekend, i was convinced the week was going start of well, but this morning was messy. thankfully, i told myself to get focused, get working and after canceling several appointments and attending other random meetings, things are working out again.

its just monday.

my mood is shifting back to good again already.

7 happy things today:

1.) this video of rosie’s yoga practice {rosie is an asheville yoga center teacher & this video rocks}

2.) the image i have walking through the empty quad last night in the snow with ananda, margo & gabriella

3.) talking to friends on skype around the world

4.) chai

5.) this song

6.) this photo

7.) this image of sunset in s. india {above}. colors like these only exist in india. . .


home for the weekend

i’m currently sitting at summit coffee with the lovely cora sharing a pot of soothing white tea.

kelsey, cora & i went home this weekend to rest, recover and process LIFE.

life moves.

if we don’t take the time to stop & think, we accomplish very little.

that’s what we have devoted this weekend to –

stopping. thinking. cooking. drinking tea. long talks. journaling. napping. {yes, i took a real nap this weekend. maybe the second real nap of my life – cora & i fell asleep on the couch together for a little over an hour & it was magical}

tonight = my birthday dinner with mm & dd and the family & some more reading/sleeping/thinking time. . .

+ photos of frozen europe

+ i support this

+ song of my week

+ also, for those of you who live in chapel hill. go see this exhbition at the ackland.

what is your weekend looking like?