That day we set a world record














Tuesday was a big day here in Chapel Hill.

608 people helped set a world record (*and I can officially mark off my biggest goal for the year!). UNC is very proud to have set the world record for the longest spoon train!

Thanks David and all the dear friends for doing this.

Together a lot is possible.

[Photos: A record-breaking day//Grace Farson]

the luke alphabet

ambition: i’d like to either get published by the new yorker or lampooned by trey parker and matt stone in some shape or form
bad habit: book buying
city: asheville

drink: 12oz of creamy london foggery from my friends at the daily grind
education: i’m doing a double major in history and chinese with a minor in fiction writing
food: anything my mum makes
guilty pleasure: backgammon

hometown: fairview, north carolina
ice cream: ultimate ice cream’s maple bacon ice cream
jonesing for: an eggs benedict at the sugar beet cafe
kryptonite: editing papers (as in i’ll stop in the middle of ANYTHING to edit someone else’s work( it can be a disastrous way to procrastinate))

look-a-like: tyler fitch
movies: the film crash changed my life
nicknames: luke “the balls” wander, luker, buker, ruke, LJ, and pavel bronkovic (or just pavel)
obsession: the fiction of tobias wolff
perfume: au naturale

quirk: miley cyrus’ “party in the USA” is one of my favorite songs. figure that one out.
regrets: leaving the kingdom of carrboro
starbucks: is for squares
talents: I am a trained jazz dancer, i have four nipples, i can speak decent faux-french, and i’m one of the top two faux-tennis players in the world (to my knowledge there are two faux-tennis players in the world)

university: the university of north carolina at chapel hill
vacation: ideal vacation? i’d like to go to eastern europe sometime. or algiers.
wine: the smell of wine harkens me back to my days in the golden halls of the hinton james dormitory, thus i do not drink wine

x: is one of the more challenging syllables to utter in chinese. it’s like a combination of ‘s’ and ‘sh.’ try it sometime
years: i have twenty-one of them
zen: the period of time between five to eight minutes after defacation brings me into a medidative state every time without fail