Rishikesh. An overview






I feel that I could stay in Rishikesh for a lifetime.

Rishikesh is the kind of India you want India to be a lot of the time. It’s a holy city filled with life, and it’s an easy, good life. It seems to sparkle and move, but move at a much slower pace than a lot of India.

I spend a lot of my time here in quiet. In solitude. Practicing yoga. Sweating. And feeling free.

+ Enjoy this lovely song, sent by a truly lovely person this morning:

“Are you real or something from wanderlust
Who can you can we trust my dear, sweet, flower
Who can you trust
From cradle to grave
From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust” – Fink, “Yesterday Was Hard on All of Us

Today will be filled with waiting//showering (*I fear that I smell of hot curry and sweat more than ever before)//more yoga//itching a new collection of bug bites// packing up my life again.

[Photos: Day one, around the great Ganges river in Rishikesh//Grace Farson]

i know places

. . . i know places. . . but i long to know even more. . .

when i took these, i had been in nepal for four months. i knew life there and i knew what it looked//felt like. . .

don’t ask me when but ask me why

don’t ask me how but ask me where

there is a road, there is a way

there is a place, there is a place

– lykke li, “i know places

also, here’s to exam procrastination:

*an incredible parisian apartment

*a good, summery tune

* wild tattoos

{all photos from kathmandu}

i can’t see the future

oh what a life!

it has been a bit messy these past few days, but i think things are looking up.

life decisions are always so terribly scary.

“laughing with a mouth of blood

from a little spill i took

oh, what are you laughing at?

see i traded my plot of land

for a plane to anywhere

oh, where do you go?

and i can’t see the future

but i know its got big plans for me

oh, what does it see?”

– st. vincent, laughing with a mouth of blood

+ a photo of mine from nepal has been published in impact magazine

+ an interesting article on sleep//a.d.h.d

+ studying for finals really does look//feel like this

+ a lovely photo