This weekend, we’re. . .


Hitting the road with J, Sam, and a pup this afternoon!

We’re off to Charlottesville and then camping with the family. Yes, the whole Farson-Pratt-Gray family.

We’re going to celebrate b/c it’s a miracle after all (*finding a weekend that worked)!

[Photo: Early morning after camping at Jordan Lake//Grace Farson]

Are you a big person in the morning?





Don’t try this at home. On second thought, come in,
your tumbling face ungladden. And see what happens.

The boy said, I have the look of two
through the other side of the shower. And how do we
get that, except by adding it up
in one long, fateful column.
The others are with you. Space occurs. Naturally. Not every
impulse makes it through to. You have you.
Are you a big person in the morning?

Angels of the New Year winnow followers.
We go through the motions
again. And breezes come in.
Those who remember the past are doomed to repeat it.
Plus, it’s part of history.
We, however, have no such druthers.
We’ll build a higher vandalism, “with the look of ending.”
We were both trying to hide.

A hotel is not a big clay window
stepfathered in,
resists any effort to change the subject.
Be calm and get your stuff.

– John Ashbery, The Suburban Burma

On mornings like these, I am far from a big person in the morning.

Few things are worse than a running nose + exams + cold rain.

[Photos: Darjeeling through the fog//Grace Farson]

what i wore wednesday: week 15

“so much there is to see, but our morning eyes describe a different world than do our afternoon eyes, and surely our wearied evening eyes can report only a weary evening world.”

– john steinbeck, travels with charley

+ + +

life is so rewarding when you wake up early.

today has been so good.

in fact, it’s the complete opposite of yesterday. yesterday i was feeling sad, ill and unmotivated and today i’m ready for it all – ready to work. . . ready to find time for things that matter . . . and ready to take on whatever life throws at me.

today is a day to celebrate:

+ getting ahead

+ feeling accomplished

+ waking up early

+ the chilly weather

+ friends and good converstations

+ tea

+ quiche for breakfast

+ carborro

+ special sweaters {and flags of the world!}

+ good memories

world – i hope you have an equally good wednesday!

+ rivers and roads by the head and the heart