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This photo was taken on one of the many long walks through Yangon. I found it between two other unrelated images and remember the exact moment in time when I took it. My life these days, although it occasionally involves a long walk, is far different than my life this summer.

I feel that I have already settled in to a routine here.

During the first week back, I was convinced this was going to be the longest few months of my life. Now I’m convinced of the opposite. Days move too fast and I’m already overly committed, involved, and invested.

Weekends are long, fun, and filled with new adventures. These tiny trips have kept me feeling like myself.

This weekend –> a wedding, some car time, and time spent driving motorcycles at the beach!

A trip to the fish market | Bapatla, India

IMG_7018 IMG_7025 IMG_7034 IMG_7027 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7060 IMG_7056 IMG_7054 IMG_7063I woke up this morning and all I could think of was this place.

It’s so strange to know with all your heart when you belong somewhere.

I found my place when I was 17 and I’m still dreaming of it even now. Going back to Bapatla this summer with Mom was a true dream come true and I am so glad I have memories like these to always go back to.

One late afternoon, Johnson and I went to get fish. This is what we found.

These are the faces I’ll never forget and the place I know I belong.

Notes from a sick bed


Woke up this morning feeling ill. Really, ill.

It started yesterday with the same symptoms I experienced last time. . . *the last time when I wound up in the hospital.

Thankfully, it’s nothing serious, yet and I’m still able to manage life here.

I forget the kind of sick that exists here. Kathmandu, no matter how much I love you back, you always win. I will always be defeated by you and your power over me.

That said, nothing, honestly nothing can or will change the way I feel about this place. Nothing at all. Ever.

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling mildly better and had two fantastic meals with some of the most encouraging, supportive, and inspiring people I’ve ever met. It is so comforting coming back and having a community here and especially a community, or even communities like these.

“As a traveler, I always had vivid dreams in strange countries – something about those clammy rooms, those lumpy beds, that sour air, the nameless nighttime noise.” – Paul Theroux, My Other Life

So here’s to health! To many more crazy, vivid dreams! And for exploring this city with Immy (*who just arrived today)!

[Photo: Murky monsoon days//Grace Farson]