painted and signed

i finally had the chance to finish some of my old paintings over break.

i can honestly say i have never felt like i have ever really finished a picture. i am never 100% satisfied or content, but i know if i keep working i will most likely ruin it. . .

it is often said that the hardest part of the whole process is knowing when you’re done.

+ + +

“if you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

– vincent van gogh

+ + +

+ originally inspired by sargent, but then i went and did my own thing . . .

+ the third of my seasonal tree collection {it looks like a crazy lady in the 70s painted this one . . . i painted over this one maybe five times}

+  small painting inspired by one of the photos i took in this set.

+ an experiment with color

+ inspired by miro, but i went crazy with it . . .

+ study of automat, but changed to make it work better for me . . . i was about to give up on this one, but i set my mind to finish it over break and this is what happened. . .

+ + +

there is still so much i want to learn and experiment with with paints. i’ve missed it more than i can say and i cannot wait for the day when i get to paint uninterrupted all day long.

also, special thanks abby for reading this to me while i worked. nothing is better than having someone you love read to you while you make things.