this one goes out the the {ones} i love

kandyce & jonathan were just in bapatla. k’s post made me cry. because they were there last week, i cannot get this place off my mind. i feel the exact same way about the place.

i miss these smiling faces more than i can say.

_ _ _ _ _

+ visualtraveling ‘holy cow’ – skateboards in india. bold.

baby guion painting

i made guion cry agian this year. . .

after his reaction to last year’s tracy morgan portrait, i was sure that this year’s painting would not provoke the same response, but . . . it did. he wept with joy.

i don’t really know what prompted this year’s weird painting, but a baby with a beard was what i came up with.

i am happy with the end result, but honeslty, i am more impressed that dad and i made the frame late on christmas eve. sure, we might have spent a good three hours down in mm + dd’s basement cutting little pieces of wood, but the end result was pretty impressive. frames by jak & grace – it’s our new business and we’re going to be famous for it one of these days. . .

thoughts, ideas, suggestions for next year’s painting?