Fortress in the sand

IMG_0018 IMG_0024 IMG_0020Lately, my head and heart have been a lot of places but here. I have been thinking a lot about Mexico, Rajasthan, and Indonesia.

This week I have been to two performances that have changed my life (and I do not say that lightly). My little world rocked, tumbled, and fell and a lot changed what I thought I knew about humans and human nature.

On Monday, I went to see the Manganiyar Seduction and let’s just say I found myself wanting to live and stay in Memorial Hall forever, listening and watching, wanting to dance.  It was entirely magical and most of all it reminded me of how magical the place they call home really is. . . Rajasthan is out of this world and I’m ready to go back one of these days (soon). It was the India I imagined as kid (camels, turbans, bright colors) and I felt like I was living in a hot, fairyland in the desert.

This week, despite all of the life-altering performances, has been challenging to say the least. Thankfully all I needed was Wednesday. And some Amirah, some sun, and some fancy water. 

remembering pushkar

yesterday something tragic or . . . enlightening happened –

my fabulous thread bracelet from pushkar fell off!

supposedly when that happens, all your prayers come true. . . or at least that’s what the trickster who tied it around my wrist told me. . .

i like thinking that my prayers did come to fruition.

even though it was just a piece of thread wrapped around my right wrist, it meant a lot to me because it reminded me of india, in particular hot, sunny rajasthan, each and every time i looked down and it brought a lot of good people into my life.

that, once brightly colored thread, was the reason i met and have come to love a lot of people here on campus. . . on the second day here, i went to fall fest and was bombarded by far too many people, organizations, and noise. i wasn’t all that happy to be back in carolina or particularly happy to be in school again. . . but. . . i walked past the nourish international table and wrote my name/email down when an incredibly friendly and memorable person introduced herself. she looked at my arm and saw this little thread and asked if it was from india!

. . . turns out she had a matching bracelet. . .

that’s how i met ananda. . . and the rest is history. . .

pushkar you were awesome, i am just sad i no longer carry a part of you around with me anymore.

{*photo from the beach trip – my, cameron, and ananda’s matching pushkar bracelets}