response: does art matter?

{photograph by alberto saveso}

i’m getting anxious for the day when i can finally live in a creative space/place . . . i feel like i haven’t really done this university thing right for me yet . . . rather than being a place where my creativity thrives, i feel like it has been zapped.

in september, abby wrote this post in response to our visit to the ackland art museum and as much as i wanted to believe her that art did matter and did make a difference, in my heart of hearts i still wasn’t convinced. her words were so lovely and comforting but i had a hard time believing that art really did communicate the divine.

for so long i’ve tried to find alternatives or ways around the arts because i was convinced they were meaningless and did not have the capability to change the world.  i’m fed up. i am tired. i am tired of avoiding this part of me. i love to create and share and feel involved and it’s about time i start making the arts a priority.

“art is a lie that helps us feel in control. it helps us create an order and a harmony we can only rarely create in our own existence. art helps us establish a sense that we, and the events of our lives, matter, that they have meaning and weight and beauty. and art gives us the idea of an audience, of a group of onlookers who care about what happens to us just as much, as if not more than we do, who are invested and who will laugh when we laugh, cry when we cry, blush when we are embarrassed and cheer when we win.”

– kathleen rooney, live nude girl

on a similar note, i watched born into brothels last night in a class and i’m now a complete wreck. . .

art matters world.