Writing from Rishikesh! (*Note: not pictured. That’s still Mumbai)

Ric Duncombe, you were right when you said time didn’t matter, but I’d know in a moment if I liked the place . . . and with Rishikesh, it was more like love at first sight!

Gorgeous. A bit cooler than Delhi. Yoga-filled.

Grace is content.

The area in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula is an earth-child//tourist’s dream, much like Thamel, Kathamandu. . . It is all you could ever want and the world is madeĀ convenientĀ and peaceful.

More to come later. . .

[Photos: Driving around Mumbai//Grace Farson]

the richard alphabet

i met ric in his first few hours in kathmandu. a group of friends and i were at sam’s in thamel catching up when in walked ric in his flannel and hat. i don’t really remember how it happened but he ended up joining our little gang and i am so glad he did.

when i get asked who the most interesting person i met along my journey was, ric is often the first person that comes to my mind. not only are his photos incredible {honestly there are not words to describe just how wonderful they are}, but he’s got crazy cool stories from all over the world too {soccer in uganda, malaria somewhere in africa, motorcycles in nepal, protests in the middle east, everest . . . you name it!}

he’s an incredibly genuine and talented individual.

i cannot wait for ric to come back to nc and teach me how to take a decent photo one of these days. . . i honestly could stare at them all day. . .

here are some of ric’s impossibly good photos from his past year abroad and his alphabet:

ambition: do things, hate them, realize i loved them, do them somewhere else

bad habit: doing things, hating them, then realizing i loved them

city: chelmsford, uk though seem to spend more time in memory cities in my head so i could be anywhere

drink: lots of beer, to a lesser extent, african gin

education: bachelor of science degree in real estate management and law, member of the royal institution of chartered surveyors, watch a lot of csi

food: love meat, hate fruit

guilty pleasure: jurassic park

hometown: chelmsford, uk

ice cream: vanilla, with a twix in it

jonesing for: no idea what this means? what i would like? someone to share adventure with who is as mad as me

kryptonite: is this what is bad for me? four walls. my weakness? things in the distance

look-a-like: my brother once said peruvian footballer nolberto solano, that’s all I have ever had

movies: i only really watch bad movies as I find them more entertaining. good movies-wise, i like gangs of new york more than most

nicknames: rd, ricky d . . .very dull

obsessions: scotland, hills, carrie-anne moss, things no one does, comfortable pillows

perfume: no

quirk: almost everything

regrets: not seeing the gorillas in congo… next time

starbucks: never been

talent: being nothing like anyone

university: anglia ruskin

vacation: anywhere that lets me be me

wine: beer

x: x my hiking boots, summited 5 mountains, not waterproof, don’t work on wet ground but my best friends

years: twenty-eight gone past far too quickly

zen: mountain roads, double beds, escaping into someone’s eyes, standing in the middle of conflict