Each week of this semester has seemed to go by faster than the week before. Currently the only things that occupies my dreams are a good night’s sleep and a fresh salad. Those are the two things I’m craving the most in life. . . And exercise. My body needs to move, but thanks to this lovely foot problem I cannot move as I would like to! Tired of the dr. appointments and the constant referrals, but I know my time will come again and I can be free from it all!

Today was the first Saturday in a long time I was up at 6. Today = two jobs back to back, trying to squeeze a good deal of hw in there, and most of all, making life plans and connections.

I set a new goal for myself at the start of the semester and it was this –

Learn something NEW every weekend. 

So far, I’ve tried to learn poker, how to skip stones, etc . . . and this weekend, I’m going to try and learn how to nap. One of the great and constant struggles I’ve faced for 21 years.

This week will be one of perseverance, little sleep, and (*hopefully some) crazy productivity. I’m certain there will be moments. . . but it’s okay.

Websites will be made, papers will be finished, and midterms will be taken! Have a happy Saturday!

+ Watch. This video about stress.

[Photo: What sleep looked like this summer in Varanasi//Grace Farson]

happy LDOC!

happy LAST DAY OF CLASS and start of exam week to all my unc friends!

i’m in a state of complete shock. as much as i am ready for this semester to be done, i cannot believe just how fast it went by!

+ + +


+ i agree with this

+ my lovely margo was interviewed for cnn yesterday! i’m still in shock i got to see the president live yesterday! currently crushing real hard on our president. i kinda love him . . . also, check out the special jimmy fallon “holy crap edition” filmed at our lovely memorial hall! . . . basically, yesterday was crazy. . . and this campus was unbelievable. {my photos of his speech to come!}

+ 1-800-seventh

+one of these days i’m going to have a backyard with a tub

+ + +

cheers y’all! hope you’re having a good wednesday.

{photo taken this past saturday. . . this is one of the many things we found along highway 54}

home for the weekend

i’m currently sitting at summit coffee with the lovely cora sharing a pot of soothing white tea.

kelsey, cora & i went home this weekend to rest, recover and process LIFE.

life moves.

if we don’t take the time to stop & think, we accomplish very little.

that’s what we have devoted this weekend to –

stopping. thinking. cooking. drinking tea. long talks. journaling. napping. {yes, i took a real nap this weekend. maybe the second real nap of my life – cora & i fell asleep on the couch together for a little over an hour & it was magical}

tonight = my birthday dinner with mm & dd and the family & some more reading/sleeping/thinking time. . .

+ photos of frozen europe

+ i support this

+ song of my week

+ also, for those of you who live in chapel hill. go see this exhbition at the ackland.

what is your weekend looking like?

some days

some days i just get so terribly overwhelmed and i don’t know what i should do.

most days i want to drop everything and just make art, plant things and fold my body in half.

today is just one of those lovely, lazy saturdays where you think a lot about the direction your life is going and what you’re doing about it . . .

i have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks, but all i want in life right now is for time to slow down.

whenever i feel confused, overwhelmed or inspired, i resort to list making.

my list making obsession is something i inherited from my amazingly efficient mother. she always encouraged us to set goals, make lists and carry around scrap paper.

today has been some kind of list making day.

& & &

“lists help us manage the chaos of our lives—to impose order, if only for a moment. writing a list clears the mind. … once everything is written down, it’s easier to see which tasks are important and in what order to tackle them. tasks that seem overwhelming look easier when reduced to mere lines on paper.”

to-do list: from buying milk to finding a soul mate, what our lists reveal about us, sasha cagen

& & &

also, 127 reasons why we’re fascinated by lists   . . . maybe one day i will share my own journal of lists . . . rarely do i let a day go by without making a long, colorful list.

& for mac users, growly notes is my new favorite way to make a list

i want to go run outside with my holga for a few hours. . . the sky has cleared and the sun is out again. chilly winter days can be beautiful when the clouds disappear and the sun comes out to play.

{fabulous resin painting by laura gurton}