Still with hearts beating




One final paper and then this semester will be over. . . and summer will officially begin!

Plans for now and the next few days of life:

+ About to hit the road –> Boone for tonight + tomorrow

+ Two more days of work

+ A handful of meetings

+ A trip to Pennsylvania with them!

+ A day back in Chapel Hill to move and celebrate dear ones graduating!

+ A half day back home

+ Two days in D.C. with Mom, Kelsey, AND Abby!

+ And then, then I’m flying across this big world to this beautiful city!

These plans are the plans that make me excited to be alive these days. These are the thoughts that make my heart beat a little faster. Big transitions, big changes, but good things all around . . .

[Photos: 1.) BBQ love, 2.) Blair at 100 Shelton St, & 3.) A day in the life of Tiger House/100 Shelton St. residents//Grace Farson]

In conclusion . . .


My semester is finished. Done. And I’m heading home later today. . .

It’s scary just how fast it went by and how much happened.

What I will not miss from this semester:

+ 9 a.m. Monday Comm class

+ Not having a job

+ Lots of sleep

+ Not climbing regularly

What I will miss from this semester:

+ Writing and reading poems each week

+ 13 magnificent credit hours

+ Not having a job

+ Lots of sleep

+ My Wednesdays and Thursdays

+ Hindi class + the community there – even though I spent every class looking like this

+ The people who are leaving me for bigger, better places

[Photo: Early fall |UNC vie // Grace Farson]