Ready for the road

After Hindi class this afternoon, I’m heading home. Home to work, to stuff my face, to process all that I’ve learned lately, to make exhaustive lists of all that I am thankful for, and to relax in the company of my great family.

Abby + Kelsey + respective husbands will not be here this year and I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m thankful to have had time with them this weekend.

No matter how many times I’ve traveled the distance between Chapel Hill and home, I still get excited. Something in my body//spirit belongs on the road. I never tire of traveling, packing bags and going. . . I have a much harder time staying in one place and feeling settled than I do moving//traveling//going. . .


Mineral Violence

The vast sadness of my family
is an ocean rehearsing its sorrow
against the intractable night.

By light we are careful, bruised
and beautiful as script, hair tangled
from evening’s beating. We stoop

to inspect the night’s debris
and do not recognize black
half-hearts of shell (that are ours),

wool of kelp. The jetty’s battered
knuckles count the endless waves
rolling in. Watching birds drawn

as graphite on sky, we forget
our night deaths. I do not understand
this, nor our strange thick hair, only

that I am of it. Wheat of my mother,
father’s beard of bees: I am their
provided. O mineral violence

release their salt traffic, their
hovering at sea. I will exist.
Give them what they want.

– Quinn Latimer

[Photos: Stop along the journey somewhere in Greensboro//Grace Farson]

shoes and the stories they tell

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

– philip pullman

* * *

without even realizing it, i began collecting a series of photos from nepal and india of lonely shoes. i was looking through some old photos when i discovered i had a whole collection.

i took each of these photos because i had a genuine interest in the shoes or the image i wanted to capture, but never thought i would have a whole series of old shoes to share.

i love these, because each image tells its own story. . .

in the end you’re just left wondering –

who wore these shoes?

why were they left there?


* * *

+ my favorite deer tick song – these old shoes

+ nearing the end of this semester – just need strength to make it through the next few days!

+ i’ve got a lot of ideas about what i want to do with the rest of my life. . . and its exciting. . . its now all just a matter of listening, trusting, and working harder

what i wore wednesday: week 10

whoa, made it to week 10!

in my little {achy} head, 10 weeks is a long time, but the past 1o weeks have positively flown by. how is it that october is already almost all gone?

i am not going to lie, i spend most of my weeks waiting for the weekend to come around, but. . . that is no way to be living!

that said, happy weekend!

what i wore wednesday: week 6

this past wednesday = a busy day. didn’t try too hard to wear anything fun or fabulous. i wore a skirt/lungi from india and a white t-shirt during the day and ended up in this. {p.s. altheta yoga tops and solomon’s are the greatest}

yoga class wednesday night turned out to be enlightening. i learned that i’m truly sleep deprived.

*fell sound asleep during savasana and stayed asleep on my mat a good 5 minutes after class finished. yes, true story.

oh well. . . hope you’re having a happy saturday!

p.s. today has been amazing. . . plus it actually felt and looked a bit like fall.