my favorite things – antique shops

“you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

– c.s. lewis

. . .

i have a great weekness in life for old things.

my happiest places are old bookstores and shops filled with things that have lived. while in mumbai, i was wondering around colaba when i stumbled into this this place that sold hundreds of beautiful, old, and well-loved things. it was a dream come true. i spent a good portion of my day making friends with the two owners, playing with film cameras from the early 20th century, and sorting through boxes filled with black and white photographs.

a dream job of mine has long been the dream of being the person who finds all those gems thrift stores and antique shops sell.

. . .

here’s to:

* a brand new week

* learning new things

* setting new goals and being reminded of old ones

* the start of fall

. . .

{all images from that magical place in mumbai}