Bits and pieces, Letang



Getting used to:

[mud. all the goats. funny runs to gorgeous new places. the stares. all the technology has to be rigged up in some way with rubber bands, power adapters, and hair ties. power shortages. water shortages. monstrous// heavy monsoon rains that last through the night. 24 hour sweat. Dal Bhat every meal. bugs. group showers. the sound of screeching children. the sound of loud Hindi//Nepali movies and songs. practicing writing my Nepali.]

All over again.

And I’m loving it.

I’m finding new things that motivate me. New projects to work on and new people (*both old and young) to meet and share tea with.

Life is good in Letang. Very good.

This afternoon I went on a long run to the river and just stood on the bridge and took in the beauty of my surroundings. Mountains covered by white clouds. Palm trees. Running water. Grey stones. Green rice fields.

I stopped and practiced gratitude in full.

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[Photos: Around Letang//Grace Farson]

Hammock in a high place




This is the way I spent my days in Rishikesh.

(*If I wasn’t sleeping, or drinking lemon, ginger tea, or doing hot yoga)

A rooftop, a hammock, a book, and daydreams to keep me company . . . all under the hot Indian sun.

The simple things in life often bring the most joy.

[Photos: Red hot Rishikesh on a very good day//Grace Farson]