Best of all things are the lights in the sky

but what I am seeking is sleep.

Or not sleep exactly,

because of the dreams and the damage they do,

but places to sleep, on the ground,

in the middles of cities that are strange to me:

cots that cost nothing, whatever the slant,

spots that are mine at nightfall,

favorable places the size of my body,

where grass grows out of the brickwork,

under the stars or the lights of the tunnels.

– Thomas Frick

On originality and finding new inspirations

IMG_2487The other day I posted this photo and it got me thinking about just how true it is.

If you want an uncomplicated and straightforward life, don’t travel.

Travel, I find complicates everything. It makes you question all, makes you want to live in a bold new way, and makes you want to make lasting changes. If ever I feel that I’m stuck or in need of new inspirations, I travel. Travel ruined me and ruined me at a young-ish age, but its something I wouldn’t ever want to change or take back.

Travel doesn’t have to be far or involve multiple flights. Just the act of moving can become a sort of mediation and a way to clear the clutter from my mind.

These days, I have found that I find inspiration in the simplest things. I haven’t been able to sleep through the night in over a month because I lie wide-eyed in bed and start thinking of all the things, projects, people, etc.

I want to see and experience and touch all of it and I don’t want it to stop after these three months of summer traveling.

Over the past several years of my life, this has become a sort of routine –> find something, pack a backpack, leave for Asia for three months (sometimes more), get overly inspired, return home –> repeat.

For now, when I think of the future, it involves living much as I am now –> New languages, sights, sounds, tastes, and nights spent not sleeping (solely because I’m just too excited to go to bed). After all these years of traveling and living like this I was afraid that this summer would finally break me, I’d be done with it, and want to embrace the uncomplicated. If anything, the opposite has been true and Burma has reminded me once again of how much I love this life and this style of living.

“I don’t believe in originality. You take inspiration from whatever moves you and you find your voice in those things.” – Tim Walker

I’d give up a good night’s sleep and fast internet any day if it meant I could feel this alive and this much like myself.



Each week of this semester has seemed to go by faster than the week before. Currently the only things that occupies my dreams are a good night’s sleep and a fresh salad. Those are the two things I’m craving the most in life. . . And exercise. My body needs to move, but thanks to this lovely foot problem I cannot move as I would like to! Tired of the dr. appointments and the constant referrals, but I know my time will come again and I can be free from it all!

Today was the first Saturday in a long time I was up at 6. Today = two jobs back to back, trying to squeeze a good deal of hw in there, and most of all, making life plans and connections.

I set a new goal for myself at the start of the semester and it was this –

Learn something NEW every weekend. 

So far, I’ve tried to learn poker, how to skip stones, etc . . . and this weekend, I’m going to try and learn how to nap. One of the great and constant struggles I’ve faced for 21 years.

This week will be one of perseverance, little sleep, and (*hopefully some) crazy productivity. I’m certain there will be moments. . . but it’s okay.

Websites will be made, papers will be finished, and midterms will be taken! Have a happy Saturday!

+ Watch. This video about stress.

[Photo: What sleep looked like this summer in Varanasi//Grace Farson]

Landscapes, Udaipur


Last night when I couldn’t get to sleep, I went through old photos of Udaipur. I particularly loved these three. I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights [I think it’s all due to starting back and figuring LIFE out here again]. It really doesn’t help thinking about India either. . .

[Photos: Udaipur, India. June 2011 //Grace Farson]

things that bother me:

  • not being able to spend time with the ones i love
  • the fact sleep is a requirement to living a good and productive life
  • cheap, flavorless food
  • there are only 24 hours in a day
  • i don’t make time for yoga as much as i should
  • i never learned to play an instrument
  • words are never enough
  • not staying physically active
  • leprosy
  • grades
  • competitive and controlling environments
  • climate change
  • fakes
  • modern day slavery
  • the fact i like meat {reading peter singer’s practical ethics in philosphy and feeling quilty about eating meat} i’ve been vegetarian off and on for ages, and i still don’t know what to make of it all. . . i know that i eat a better more balanced diet when i eat meat, but how can eating meat be morally right? i don’t even support zoos, but i still eat meat. . . how does that work? your thoughts?

. . .

what has been bothering you these days?

so. . .

what are you going to do about it?

i am going to start getting more sleep. start staying more informed and aware. and start making time for the things i need to make me feel more like me again!

. . .

{photo from one of the many train rides in india}

what i wore wednesday: week 6

this past wednesday = a busy day. didn’t try too hard to wear anything fun or fabulous. i wore a skirt/lungi from india and a white t-shirt during the day and ended up in this. {p.s. altheta yoga tops and solomon’s are the greatest}

yoga class wednesday night turned out to be enlightening. i learned that i’m truly sleep deprived.

*fell sound asleep during savasana and stayed asleep on my mat a good 5 minutes after class finished. yes, true story.

oh well. . . hope you’re having a happy saturday!

p.s. today has been amazing. . . plus it actually felt and looked a bit like fall.

let’s talk about sleep

i don’t sleep much.

i’m just not much of a sleeper.

never have been, probably never will be one.

i need sleep and so do a lot of other people around the world.

college campuses are prime locations to see the sleep deprived in action.

+ check out these photos of sleepers around the world

+ my sexy, super chic older sister {she is a style icon whether she realizes it or not}

+ just went to hear robert gibbs speak at memorial hall on campus. the thing he said that most stood out to me was that news today is almost entirely self-selected. it scared me a bit because i realized just how guilty i am of only reading the news i want to read. i read things that i want to learn about, but how often do i stretch myself and try reading something that truly challenges me or is from a different perspective?

+ i’ve missed them. i love.

+ unc was once again named 5th best public university {my article and photo over at reesenews here}

{*all photos are mine from india – train sleepers, street sleepers. . . it doesn’t really matter where you are or how you sleep. . . so long as you get some sleep}