The moments between each rain

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If there is one thing I can count on these days, is that eventually the rains slow and there will be a brief moment each day when it becomes a slight drizzle or simply stops. I find those moments to be the most quiet in this city. Everyone knows the rains will start back soon enough and there is a gentle calm that overtakes most everyone. All of these photos were taken during that in-between time.

The rains have become routine, expected, and daily. I have grown to like them (in part) and am thankful that despite the constant wet, and constant damp, the heat doesn’t overpower and the cooler, rain-weather normally wins.

The streets have started to flood and there have been more reported cases of people getting sick and dengue fever (this becomes far more prevalent during the rainy season).

Even in the in-between rain moments, most people still walk around with their umbrellas open. Although I’m not particularly tall by most standards, I’ve had one too many jabs and pokes to the head and face, and cannot handle it anymore. I’ve learned to patiently wait for the crowds and their open umbrellas to pass before I make my move, or be bold and make it clear that a taller person and her umbrella are also trying to make it through. I feel that there is a certain bond with all the other umbrella holders (most everyone) when a crowd tries to pass through a narrow sidewalk at the same time. The taller people raise their higher and the shorter ones lower. Often, this nonverbal communication between strangers works and most people pass what feels a good deal like a gauntlet.

All this to say, life in Yangon is filled with meetings, short-distanced taxi rides (*but, ones that involve a long-time sitting in traffic), long walks with heavy gear, too much coffee, and trying to find creative ways to make everything in my life less damp (no solutions yet).

Bits + pieces, Bangkok


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Going to enjoy this city one more day before (*hopefully) flying to Yangon tomorrow.

Yesterday’s activities included a visit to the Chatuchak weekend market (apparently the largest market in the world, or Asia? or something. . . ) and I had the time of my life. I was so in love with all the beautiful things and the opportunities to people-watch that I didn’t know what to do with myself.

For now, I’m ready for the next adventure and the next new country!

Travel, glorious travel, you’ve been good to me so far.

life again

kathmandu streets

“A new world, or an old world hidden, only half the stores lit by electricity, and then usually no more than a bare light bulb swinging high on the ceiling, the rest dimly illuminated by kerosene lamps that flickred and made the rooms look alive. Many of the stores barely larger than closets, a mystery to figure out what they put up for sale in their crowded interiors. One sold paper – newspaper, writing paper, butcher paper. Another sold twine. Still another only scissors and knives. Food vendors crowded in portable stalls. The smells of spices she could not name blended with the sweet incense burning in the stores, all of it cloying the smell of diesel and sewage and the ever-present river.” . . .

The Lotus Eaters, Tatjana Soli

i read this last night and it made me miss asia. i missed rolling out of bed {early}, having my quiet time and doing yoga on a rooftop {anywhere}, drinking pipping hot tea in a tin or glass cup, and seeing and experiencing new things each and every day.

several times reading the lotus eaters, i have been reminded of the real asia {the story is set in vietnam}. there were moments when i was traveling, i dreamed of being back home, but more often than not, i found contentment in living in a crazy, ever-changing environment.  more than anything i miss visiting my favorite haunts and being recognized and remembered by locals.

that’s all for now.

. . .

have a superb weekend!

i’m off to d.c. tonight on an overnight bus.

. . .

+ a re-cap of the beach to come {my skin feels and looks like leather. three cheers for sun damage!}

a good song for your weekend

+ a pretty braid