the andrew alphabet

ambition: become homeless

bad habit: reckless bike driving

city: chapel hill, n.c.

drink: arnold palmer {*in his creepy nalgene}

education: yes

food: steak and apples

guilty pleasure: creating awkward situations for others for his own enjoyment

hometown: charlotte, n.c.

ice cream: dairy frost soft strawberry

jonesing for: a natural disaster {*a hurricane, tornado, and earthquake weren’t good enough for this kid}

kryptonite: christmas carols

look-a-like: the guy who played gilbert blythe in anne of green gables

movies: “fiddler on the roof.” “saving private ryan.” “the emporer’s new groove.”

nicknames: carrot cake. bubba. stinky pants. andew.

obsession: gold bond

perfume: hmmmm. . . natural flavors

quirk: getting distracted from brushing his teeth by making faces in the mirror

regrets: never been in a fistfight. never learned an instrument.

starbucks: stealing grace’s chai tea

talents: unicycling. climbing. dancing.

university: uni of north carolina at chapel hill {studying arabic & asian studies}

vacation: escaping from the ch√Ęteau d’if and winning a knife fight with a pirate, then stealing a ship and sailing to an island where he would discover sunken treasure.

wine: welch’s

x: x grace farson {*for making him do things like this}

years: nineteen years

zen: sticking head out of window in the car

. . .

here’s the fourth alphabet!

i’ve known andrew since i was in the seventh grade. when i think about it, we’ve both changed a lot. . . but. . . at our core, we are essentially the same people we were at age twelve.

we really haven’t grown up much.

i can always count on andrew to help me get out of my ruts in life. he helps me to live life to its fullest. he is always there when i have the need to – climb a building, climb a tower, climb a tree, climb a mountain, climb through a tunnel or two, go on a scavenger hunt, take a spontaneous trip, etc.

he helps challenge me to think outside the box and find a creative solution to most anything.

andrew, thanks for being you. . . for putting up with me at my best and worse. . . and for ending up at unc too!

. . . here’s to a fun, crazy, memorable year bro!

{p.s. if anyone else wants to contribute to my alphabet series let me know! i’d love to share them! just post a comment with your email and i will contact you . . . fariha & anna’s coming soon!}