the grace alphabet

abby posted the abby alphabet a while back and now it’s my turn to share:

early morning meditation in southern india

ambition: graduate college! travel in college. travel out of college. find a man who loves adventure just as much, if not more than i do. one day own a studio apartment in a big city & be an urban farmer. open up my house to people from around the world & couch surfers. go to massage school. use yoga and art as therapy. work as a photographer & filmmaker. work in galleries & museums. work as a yoga teacher. . . worship God well through the way i live my life. be happy, healthy, & content. always

bad habit: procrastination

bhaktapur just outside of kathmandu

city: current city – chapel hill, n.c. but . . . i left part of my heart in kathmandu, nepal

tea in darjeeling

drink: a steamy cup of  tea. j’adore fresh ginger, lemon, & honey tea

education: homeschooled all the way through high school, explored the world, & now working through a {proposed} degree in photojournalism and art history {?}

prosciutto con melon

food: melons. kale. quiche. cheesecake. in that order

guilty pleasure: ready for this? . . . okay. . . this is the first time i have ever admitted to  this, but. . . the vampire diaries. yes. my sister kelsey and i get together and watch this every week. pitiful? maybe. and no. i will never be a twilight fan. nope. never

hometown: davidson, n.c. {even though i technically grew up in charlotte, n.c.}

ice cream: this one is easy – pistachio

jonesing for: a reasonably priced yoga studio that i can walk or bike to.  brown leather boots. art supplies

kryptonite: thrift & second-hand shops

look-a-like: i tend to get brooke shields the most often. . . it’s only because of my wild eyebrows

grace and james in "rear window"

movies: rear window. darjeeling limited. amélie. everyone who knows me, knows i am wholly obsessed with old movies and especially with grace kelly, so this is no shocker here. plus, i think the world is a better place because of wes anderson. & who doesn’t LOVE audrey tautou’s character in “amélie”? seriously

nicknames: pig 1. love. poodle-butt. petunia. chicken. gracie. sweet lips. grace face. . . & many, many more

obsessions: georgia o’keeffe. travel. dancey music. my family. brushing my teeth. patterns

perfume: i don’t really wear any, but when i do it is cool water by davidoff or moss by k.hall. . . cannot stand really floral scents. it must be clean and simple

quirk: licking the corner of my lips when i pause in a conversation

regrets: wishing that time would go by faster when i was a little kid. i just wanted to skip to being a “grown up” or a “big kid” {whatever that means!}

starbucks: refresh tazo tea


talent: finding beauty in the pretty & not so pretty in life. arranging flowers. playing dress up

university: the uni of the world & uni of north carolina at chapel hill

vacation: anywhere & everywhere there is a glimmer of sunlight & an opportunity for adventure

wine: even though i am still underage . . . sauvignon blanc or shiraz from the vineyard i worked at in blenheim, new zealand

x: x my desire to always be on the go. i’m working on staying put for four years

years: nineteen. nineteen big years

the edge of the himalayas at sunset

zen: outdoor time {preferably in the mountains}. long walks. yoga & meditation. cooking. long dinners. painting in big, well-lit rooms with bon iver, sigur ros, or the national playing in the background. dancing with friends

. . .

get to it! i want to see your alphabet now. . .

{all images by me, except the movie still}