there is nothing i love more than. . .

a weekend road trip with friends. . .

good music. . .

a light rain storm. . .

the mountains. . .

& a sunset. . .

+ +  +

“i, it’s certain from afar
failed to pull my weight
but you and i traveled through the fog
to arrive at our front gate
at night we rest beside the fire
and smile upon your face”

– beruit, a candle’s fire

+ + +

happy wednesday!

this week’s what i wore wednesday coming soon. . .

it’s friday

happy rainy friday!

today, i celebrate:

+ fridays

+ water in the form of precipitation

+ the start of fall weather {my dear giz is so excited about sweater weather}

+ going home! {excited to do laundry, see ma famille, relax, and photograph dear eva & peter’s happy wedding this weekend in charlotte!!!}

+ the south

+ this adorable kiddo somewhere in udaipur, india {my friend rob lived in this little town in the outskirts of udaipur and this little one was one of his neighbors. she loved listening to his trippy/dancey music}