the awesome list:

things that are awesome:

+ the year in awesome people

+ the power of half

+ louie schwartzberg: nature. beauty. gratitude.

+ picture show: cambodian fishing villages, lit by a solar night light

+ cnn’s hero of the year award 2011

+ amy purdy

{and an awesome photo of an awesome little one in nepal}


today {despite the exciting tornado} was not a great one. tomorrow, i am determined to see a better day. i just need to get better about living.

{*note: it is 2:00 a.m. and i just cannot sleep. my night owl tendencies have certainly come back in school. i’m just sitting on the floor in my dorm room with aditi with lots of thoughts running through my little head [fariha and giz have fallen asleep cuddling in gizzy’s bed. it’s precious] }

i haven’t been all that interested in my classes or my homework and i really need to get better about this. i have just felt so very uninspired. . . almost apathetic. i have a fabulous schedule and i like all of my classes, i am just having a difficult time feeling pumped about school. there are things that excite me for certain and i feel extraordinarily blessed to be here and have this opportunity. there is so much i want to learn about, but when it comes to actually learning it, putting in all the effort, etc. i fall short.

that said, i am glad i am here.

from now on, i make the most of everyday. the days are evil.

+ did you know that only 1% of the world’s population receives a college education? one tiny percent! {an interesting chart of the world’s population broken down into categories here. *tried to find the original data b/c i have heard the same statistic before, but this is what i came across} just another reason why i am going to make the most of all this!

+ also, on a similar note, have you seen population 7 billion by national geographic? it’s more than fascinating. i will admit, population control has never really been a concern of mine but . . . it should be. after working with psi this year, i became more familiar with issues of population control and want to learn more.

+ my lovely kandyce {aka juice sister} practicing her asanas in her new home in india! she’s such an inspiration to me.

+ hindi zahra’s beautiful tango {i’ve been missing this song. j’adore the colors involved and her gorgeous rings}

+ i need a good book. someone, please recommend something life-altering and/or inspiring to get me out of this funk! please. . .

+ i miss art and making it

+ how do you decide what to invest your time in? tonight, i had three meetings that all started at 8:00. i ended up going to chalkaa training {last week i went to two bhangra elite dance classes. it’s all good fun and i do love to make a fool of myself!}

+ special birthday thoughts go out to sarah on her 21st today! at 11:30 tonight, i convinced her to run outside like a crazy person and dance in the flooded pit with me to celebrate her last few minutes as a twenty-year-old.

+ and then there’s abby‘s sweet “family love” post on me. this made me cry. she speaks far too highly of her lil sis. her words are so lovely. i miss her everyday.

. . . so . . . all that to say this:

here’s to living everyday of my life.

{all the photos from the insanely gorgeous and inspiring milford sounds on the s. island of new zealand. sometimes it is hard to believe places like the milford sounds exist}