Ziggy + Seahorse painting






In the spirit of Christmas and all things good, this was Guion’s painting for 2012.

Painting #3: David Bowie riding a seahorse. It’s all he ever really wanted.

+ Last year’s baby with a beard painting

[Photos: Another freaky Farson Christmas traditions//Grace Farson]

christmas time with the family

i adore my family.

+ + +

i love that:

– we laugh constantly

– we are creative

– we know how to cook

– we like reveal what the present is on the wrapping paper

– we have some incredible traditions

– we play new games every time we get together

– we freeze presents in a block of ice {in a cooler wrapped with rope, paper, and duck tape too}

– we have mm + dd’s house on the lake to escape to every christmas

– we have a really hard time getting one good photo

– we love and support each other fully

+ + +

hope you had a wonderful christmas too!