yoga in the himalayas

in the middle of our trek on the annapurna circuit, brad and i took a full day off to acclimatize in the small town of manang. i spent my day “off ” exploring this tiny, but beautiful mountain town, doing a little yoga under a great big, blue sky and the himalayas, and reading and resting my blistered feet.

the best part of my time in manang was this experience {or the multiple cups of tea and cake i consumed}. . .

the weather was balmy, considering we were at almost 12,000 feet in april and i was all alone. alone to focus on my practice and nothing else. no distractions, no loud noises, just me, my practice, and the mountains. what more could a person want?

. . .

“waking this morning, i smile,

a brand-new day is before me.

i aspire to live each moment


and to look upon all beings

with the eyes of kindness and


may you, and all other beings, be

happy and free from suffering.”

a mindfulness meditation, frank jude baccio

. . .

1.) utthita hasta padangustasana, extended big toe pose {a great pose that not only improves balance but also stretches out your upper leg and hips}

2.) standing side stretch {great for balance and the back body}

3.) virabhadrasana I, warrior I {good for everything}

4.) virabhadrasana II, warrior II { a personal fave. esp. love the transition between vira I and vira II. fab for shoulders and hips}

5.) natarajasana, dancer prep pose {just the prep. pose here. nothing feels better than that victorious feeling once you master a beautiful, steady natarajasana!}