The good

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How I define good right now:

+ Time with the ones I love

+ Food from Venable

+ Climbing rock walls and up to the roof of buildings

+ Mediation

+ My boxy leather jacket

+ Finishing projects

+ Planning for the future (i.e. future classes)

+ Waking up with your entire house at 7 to pancakes and snuggles on a Tuesday

+ Cool, not cold weather

+ This podcast

+ Sharp, red wine

+ Conversations over Chinese food, on foot, in the library, on the phone. . .


+ interesting

+ please take 13 minutes of your precious time and watch weathering change – a short film about climate change and how it is disproportionately affecting women in the developing world. also, see my friend mandy‘s interview with PAI here.

+ paolo novelli in kenya

+ more white horses

+ this video should be on this website {thanks andrew for sharing}

+ covering the mayoral elections the rest of the day for reese {and i don’t really know what i am doing}

{photo: near kathmandu’s main durbar square}