Back to Nepal


Oh baby! Here we go again. . .

Nepal round two! Two big years later.

I’m about to explode with excitement and cannot believe I’m really about to go back to this place this afternoon.

Tonight, I’ll be sleeping here and hanging out with Niti and the crew.

[Photos: Kathmandu valley from Swayambhunath temple//Grace Farson]


i do.

and it was beautiful.

. . .

+ also, can stories make a difference? . . . absolutely. and that’s why i want to do what i do. . .

+ niagra

+ adventures both big and small keep me sane.

+ happy friday! i am going home to be with my family and maria. i am so ready to get healthy, get some sleep, and relax for the weekend with loved ones.

{photo from pokhara, nepal. . . those mountains are always in my thoughts}